A letter to yourself in the past! Milan Krajnc
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Ašvata Nataša Martinčič asked the question on her Facebook page: "What would you say to yourself from today's understanding and experiences of 5 years ago?

I replied that I would go on holiday for half a year… and I meant that very seriously!

This thought threw me back exactly into the period five years ago. I had 50.000 Euros on my account… and I wasted them in 5 minutes. But with 10,000 Euros I could go on a longer holiday with 10,000 Euros and invest these 40,000 Euros wisely.

So I learned that I should not react quickly to something anymore, and if something goes wrong, never put out the fire when it feels worst.

There was a time when there was a “crisis” in the company, but not because of orders or. lack of work, my business partner and I were on our own side for a long time, because we saw the future of the company and the way we work completely different.

Already here I made the first mistake when I quickly suggested that our paths diverge and he should only name his price. We settled this in 3 days. Then I found out that the total negative situation in the company was 250,000 euros and not 50,000 euros as I originally thought.

So I dismissed someone without responsibility too quickly, only that I had “like” peace. And I ran away from the problem, and the problem, it came out of the snowball, came after me like an avalanche.

Then I made another mistake, I invested all the money I had to cover the liabilities to the state, I pledged all my assets to cover the bank liabilities, and took out more loans to cover the running costs, and then I forgot about the running projects, because I was only busy covering old things.

A letter to yourself in the past! Milan Krajnc

So I made the following three mistakes:

  1.  I completely exposed and completely disarmed myself.
  2.  I went to solve something that was not absolutely necessary in such a whole.
  3. I forgot the future.

So I settled almost all my old obligations and new ones were formed: Salaries, rents… there was no new income, so I looked for other, faster ways to earn, combinations, became naive… and so I turned those 250,000 euros into a big hole 1,000,000 euros, and I was left with nothing or. locked property, just because I wanted to solve something or. prove something to someone. I was violently looking for money or. only money was the goal, not for myself but for others, to prove it to others.

So again, I made two new mistakes:

  1. I was avoiding myself.
  2. I went to businesses where I did not check the background and did not understand it.
A letter to yourself in the past! Milan Krajnc

And so “after almost two years of raging, I stopped all the horses” and looked where I was and saw that I was completely out of the way.

  1. I started my original business.
  2. I started to move away from people who did not even belong in my lifestyle.
  3. Completely rewritten business plan.
  4. Take care of yourself first.

And then things slowly started to establish themselves because I was on my way again.

When I try to see these five years through my eyes anyway, something positive has happened:

  1. I knew myself down to the last atom.
  2. Cleanse everything that does not belong in me, down to the last molecule.
  3. Meet all the “real” friends.
  4. I realized that there are no shortcuts in life.
  5. To do only what I know and feel.
  6. Having a personal experience of how to get out of a personal and business crisis.

Yeah, and now I am selling it for five times the price of “investing” in this school of life.

More importantly, what I have learned… listen to yourself… when the first moment of “crisis” came, I did not listen to what I wanted to do, but I wanted to run away at all costs… I was not facing myself… it would only take me three days to be with you and talk thoroughly about what I really want. Listening to ourselves does not mean listening to the first feelings that come from the surface, but listening to the feelings that come from deep within us, and if we are too excited, disappointed… the right feeling will not come to the surface right away… we just have to wait a few days before we seal our fate. 

Now some of you will say, yes, why do not you analyze another one at all, I just remembered the sentence of Nataša and thought about it for a few moments, I basically enriched my feelings and memories… but I do not really analyze much, even if you say I analyze all the time… Yes, when I write… I live, but not with analysis.

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And, now that I have collected my feelings and the feelings of those I have saved from crises, the following 9 commandments have been created: Business Success:

1st  rule of success: Never be 2.
2nd  rule of success: Always listen to yourself.
3rd rule of success: When you make decisions, always be rested.
4th rule of success: The material world is a reflection of our thoughts.
5th rule of success: If we can see the qualities in others, they are also in us!
6th rule of success: If we condemn something, we will be guilty of the same thing.
7th rule of success: Everything is connected; no action stands alone.
8th rule of success: We can never blame anyone but ourselves.
9th rule of success: Everyone grows at his own pace and there are no shortcuts in life.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com
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