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More and more people turn to me because they cannot “free” their parents. These parents are in their minds, even if some of them have already died or live very far away.

I will try once again to explain where these parents are hiding! And that the bodily parents themselves have not much to do with the parents who are in our heads.


How does human psychology work?

We are born as an unlisted leaf, but we have many things written in our genes. However, these records are only activated under certain conditions. The pen with which we write on our sheet is called EGO. EGO records how our environment lives. It writes a kind of life writing. To the extent that these records forbid us to live according to the records in our genes, we will live according to the life scan written by EGO. So we will live according to an alien scenario. In this scenario, we often mention the parents, who are also our authority, those who teach us to live and survive because we are grateful for their lives, but at the same time they are also the “executioners” of our freedom. They do not let us live the way we feel. I am talking about parents who are written down, not about those who really live with us. It’s true that we have copied this script from living parents, but we must be aware that they too had to rewrite this scenario by someone. Do we understand each other? Everyone is responsible for his own life, and everyone takes as much of his life as he wants. And if we take someone else’s life scenario, it means that we have chosen the shortest way. It follows that only human beings are basically lazy, and then it takes a lot of work to get back to our potential. We always take the longest path in life when we look for shortcuts. Therefore it is not worth copying in life.

So if we want to get rid of our parents, in our head, we have to face them. And not physically, but where they are in their head.

Namely, these “parents” are in our head as “complexes / patterns” that hinder us in our personal development. We also call them prohibitions. But Prohibition always “implants” us, our authority. Therefore we need a new authority to overcome this prohibition. And we can be that authority ourselves.

Only if we give ourselves permission will we be able to live freely.

We must first face this prohibition and accept that it is not our parents, but ourselves. As long as we refuse this, we will not be able to make a change.

But if we start thinking about giving ourselves a ban (and it does not matter why, because we will start cycling), we will automatically trigger the concept of salvation. This is how our brains work. If you give them a task to solve something, they will always come to the end. The condition for this is that we believe in what we have ordered from them. However, since these are psychologically stressful processes, the brain needs enough oxygen and fresh blood… that is, enough physical activity so that we can bear all the emotional stress that follows more easily. Therefore, the method Dynamic Circle is recommended here.

So we only have to confront ourselves, and then we get the reward that our greatest curse automatically fails.


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In my work I am often criticized for bringing the past into the foreground. Simply because it interferes with everyday life and does not let us live in reality.

That is why I have developed a model of leadership in business and politics that allows us to clear the “past” from our daily lives, the Dynamic Model of Leadership.

If we want to meet ourselves, we have to prepare ourselves.Because in our early childhood, the environment implanted these psychological causes into our subconscious, like Trojan horses. And the contents of these Trojan horses directly cause wars. The Trojan horse needs external confirmation, which means that we will always include someone in the game.

So these are games that take place within us, but they are not ours, so we cannot control them. Only if we push this Trojan horse back outside will we be free.

That means we have to try very hard. We must be physically fit and have peace around us. Then we concentrate our thoughts on what is hindering us and thus actually trigger the purification process.


  1. Write down characteristics that bother you in others.
  2. Read them again in 5 days if you have time.
  3. Be alone and have at least 3 hours, and eliminate all distractions.
  4. Think about everything you have written.
  5. And you need to give yourself answers.
  6. The answers will come naturally.
  7. And as you peel an onion, prohibition will get smaller and smaller but more and more burning.
  8. You will free yourself from it.

If there is more, I recommend that you use the SiriusPersonalTransformation method or visit the school at Personal Change.

And if someone wants to influence someone, he will never do it with quick actions, but always in the long run, slowly, as best friend or biggest ally.

As soon as you live, you no longer need credit, only what you feel!

* -If you notice a typo in the text, it means that you are not concentrating enough on the content. 😉

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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