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Napredne svetovalne storitve za družinska podjetja - Milan Krajnc

A company should not become part of the family, but only a part of life.

Due to the intergenerational intertwining of personal and business life, family businesses are a specialty that requires a slightly different approach based on clear decentralization.

Specifically, in order to identify common interests, responsibility is transferred from one person to several family members, which allows the separation of business goals from personal ones and the clear identification of company goals.

Milan Krajnc

Advanced services

  • Implementing change is a lengthy process that covers all business segments; but it always starts with the director’s way of thinking.
  • Coaching for managers with leaders in the company is mainly based on a holistic approach, so that managers look at themselves as a third party and with the help of objectification it is easier to identify the desire for change. This is not normal coaching, but a change in lifestyle that also interferes with other aspects of an individual's functioning, such as nutrition and sports.
  • Analysis of processes, personnel, documents is performed on the company's premises, especially interviews with employees.
  • Board management , based on the fact that change starts with clear delegation of tasks and improved communication. The board becomes the central institution of the company, divided into several stages, within which tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined. With a focus on improving communication, we adopt change without employees feeling it at all.
  • Profiling or creating personal profiles that I create from pictures or interviews, using physiognomy, bioenergy, transactional analysis and NLP techniques. Profiling is important mainly because of the predictability of possible changes or actions in the company by key individuals.
  • Employee psychotherapy , which allows company employees to talk about personal or business issues.
  • Family psychotherapy , which allows family members to talk about personal or business issues in the company.

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Advanced services

For your personal and business success

Milan Krajnc is an expert in solving problems caused by different personalities in a companymunicipality or country. As part of his training, he primarily offers:

For your personal and business success

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