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Napreden program za prebujanje zavesti - Milan Krajnc

Exclusive above standard program

The program takes place on the islands in Kvarner / Adriatic Sea.

Everything that happens in our outer world is a consequence of our inner world.

So far, there have been various programs and approaches in which we can relax our entire body, but not our brains, so after twenty years of researching the human “subconscious”, I have created an exclusive above-standard program in which our minds can also relax.

Milan Krajnc

The program is mainly chosen by those who:

  • have reached a career peak and are now looking for a new meaning to life ,
  • find themselves at life turning points , and
  • want to put themselves first.

The program is mainly based on the cleansing of the subconscious, where unnecessary information for our lives is accumulated – “psychological garbage”.

It includes 45 different exercises that take place on all the islands in Kvarner, and their basis consists of breathing exercises, meditation, various physical and emotional activities, and conversations with professionally trained mentors.

The program is designed for those who want to make a fundamental shift in life, on a healthy basis, by getting to know themselves thoroughly.

The location of the program is extremely strong in terms of energy, as the islands of Lošinj and Cres are the only islands in the Adriatic Sea where there are no poisonous snakes due to the impossibility of survival, due to the pine forest and a very good climate center.

To the favorable environment and rich program scheme, I added a specially designed process called “Sirius Personal Transformation“, which in a certain sequence of exercises awakens in the individual “forgotten” knowledge that is transmitted through generations through DNA. Thus, during the program, the participant detoxifies the body, emotions, mind and soul, and reaches a state in which he “disconnects” the brain and indulges in his emotions and feelings, or his true nature.

  • Location: Čikat ul. 9, 51550, Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Personal Breakthrough 1 hour | 150 €

Now you can give yourself or a loved one the strongest gift: the opportunity for a complete personal transformation.

By purchasing one voucher you give 1 hour of professional counselling and experienced management from renowned expert Milan Krajnc.

Voucher - Personal growth - 1 hour - Milan Krajnc
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For your personal and business success

Milan Krajnc is an expert in solving problems caused by different personalities in a companymunicipality or country. As part of his training, he primarily offers:

For your personal and business success

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