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I started receiving my first awards and recognitions in the early grades of primary school in various fields. To be honest, I don’t even remember what it all was. But I know it meant a lot to me. As if it awakened in me a desire to win!

After I got serious about athletics in high school, “serious” results and rewards started (and when I first became a state champion, the desire to compete faded; basically, the EGO, which wanted attention, faded):

  • 5 x state champion of Republic of Slovenije
  • 1 x vice champion Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • 1 x 3rd place in the European Youth Competition
  • As a teacher-mentor of various awards at regional and national competitions .


However, I quickly realized that the reward can only be the logical consequence of something you enjoy. So in later creations, I started to hide more and reject nominations because I wanted to have some intimacy of my own. Everything I did, I did it for myself, not for others, I really didn’t even want others to see. Maybe I was even afraid that they would destroy a part of me, no matter what the criticism was. I just wasn’t ready for the public.

However, as I slowly began to promote my business idea of the Dynamic Leadership Model, the logical consequence was that I would have to re-enter the public and so the nominations and awards began:

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