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Occasionally, when I call someone from my past and ask if they still remember me, I usually get the answer: »Yes of course, the guy with the backpack, who was always a little different…«

That “little difference”, I do not even dare to ask what it means. I remember this backpack, even if I did not know that I noticed so many people… At the beginning of high school I bought a “military backpack”, which was mainly used by hunters and fishermen. He was basically a fisherman, but the military sounds nicer. I wore it in school, in high school, and then in college… by the end he was “a little bit” off, but he never tore and he was always faithful to me and obviously everybody remembered him and one day, I do not know when he went into the eternal memory.

And if you ask me what I was carrying in that backpack… besides school supplies, I do not know… but I always had it with me and I always had something in it… …and I always needed something… like women’s handbags… they always need something… but I only had one backpack. And I always had something in that backpack for everyone… just like I find a solution in words or action for everyone
today. Apparently, even then I was like a grandfather who had a cold, but he only gave gifts to the hardworking… and in return I got new experiences in life.

But I remember that I also had notes in this backpack, I was constantly taking notes about my thoughts, ideas… in short, I always had everything I needed to »survive« in there.

In my early childhood I was always in a cramp because of domestic violence and I could never express what I was thinking and feeling, I never quite lived what I thought I was… and so from one period of my life to the next, I followed the same pattern until one day I decided… whatever situation I found myself in…and leave.

I cannot die less than that, because I kill myself slowly, die at meals, and I was not born to die, but to live. All the time, however, my only world without borders… writing… and I wrote and wrote and wrote… and I wrote…

In public I was considered calm and reserved, but above all calm… but I am not really like that. I had cramps all the time, and the appearance of calm was only a shield… I have learned to be calm. Anyone who read my notes, my poems, could not believe it was the same person.

So I used the time I was trapped inside myself to explore my depths, my potentials… I got to know myself very well.

That is why I still have a “problem” with the outside world, that I let a few people in, which was especially apparent in my public appearance, where I said everything I thought in 5 minutes and I was not sure how to give a 20 minute talk, what to say…

Boy with a backpack (Self-portrait) - Milan Krajnc

Well, today I have my own school where I give a presentation in 5 minutes on a topic I used to say in 5 minutes, and today I explain it in 75 hours. I opened myself up and talked so much, so much of everything was hidden inside me… I just needed to relax.

We are encountering the same phenomenon in the universe called the big bang. The whole universe used to be as big as a seamstress’s head, but then one day it just exploded and all the beauty we observe and discover today was created, which in a psychological sense is essentially within us.

That is why it is important that we do not express certain ideas and thoughts all at once, but that we let them mature within us; instead of the words that are quickly spoken around them ruining everything, after a while they can come out of us as something very beautiful.

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Well, I left that to myself for almost too long, so now some things are going slowly for me. That I perceive things very slowly and that I do them very slowly, I move like that …

I often hear that… but when I turn around, so many things are really done and created for me, as if I had died and been reborn in the meantime.

If I work slowly, it does not mean that the work is not done, but it is done much faster than with those who rush and talk a lot. So the saying: “Work slower, go far! is absolutely right for me. My slowness comes alive between dancing and running fast… and that is where I do my best… otherwise it’s a shame to “waste” energy on something I do not need.



I have come to realize that patience is very important in life. Patience is basically a time when ideas mature and are put into action. If we are not patient and want the ideas to be put into action immediately, there is a high probability that they will never really be put into action, but a lot of time will be wasted, not to mention energy. People have many ideas… and when we let them mature… a solid foundation is born in us and we can do several big projects at the same time. Promising basically means getting to know yourself or… coming up with a new idea. And by identifying with it within ourselves; it means that we know ourselves well enough and have adapted it so that we can manage it in accordance with our “nature”. And if we know something well, we can handle it easily and spontaneously.

If, of course, you want to react like that yourself, welcome to the school Personal transformation


Red book - C.G. Jung

But just at the time of this reflection I was reading Red Book, C.G. Jung, which is considered the basis of psychoanalysis, is essentially a kind of manual for understanding emotional phenomena. It is an autobiography in which he observes self-observation during his own research, when he “threw” himself into different states, either intentionally or. for the purpose of science, and then observes all this through his expertise. In essence, he has empirically supported the theses of his teacher Sigmund Freud.

I myself have gone through similar “experiments”, but I did not do it consciously, but the flow of life threw me through all these phases until I got to know myself enough and realized that I can take my life into my own hands.

I never wanted to live in the darkness I felt as a child, although I always wanted to go out, I usually went into an even darker space. So I knew that I had to make a bridge, a solution, a tega, and so after reading the book I see that my work is an enhancement of Jung’s foundation. My knowledge of physics, good knowledge of nature on earth and in space helped me, because I found application

I think it is good to know ourselves well, but we have to be careful not to get stuck in our past, but we have to let go immediately and at some point jump into the present and knowledge so that we can go into the future. So getting to know the past is important to get to know yourself, but “too much” can mean a loss of present life.

So now I realize that basically much of this subject was born of me. if I were to say what the added value of the time spent with me is for those who decide about it and appreciate it:

  • Find that life can also be simple,
  • you get to know yourself very well,
  • in all crises or in critical situations one begins to see simple solutions,
  • Make the most of time, and there is no more empty space,
  • They are constantly developing and making progress, and there are no more setbacks in life,
  • the goals are clear at all times,
  • the business objective is subordinate to the personal one,
  • Separation of private and business life,
  • no negative stress,
  • clear communication,
  • equally distributed responsibility,
  • Live your dreams.

Of course I do not have a magic wand, but I radiate this energy, which has such a frequency and promotes it in each individual. And I have transferred all this knowledge from my experience into a model that works independently of me. So this is the SIRIUS PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION startup code that everyone receives when they decide to go through this process.

And it has been hidden in this backpack for each of you, dear friends, all the time.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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