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I work within the University of Peace, the United Nations and I teach Management in the United Arab Emirates, Monaco and Croatia, as an associate professor in Skopje (Northern Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Podgorica (Montenegro) where I teach Public Management .

Which means I can be your mentor in master’s and doctoral studies and assignments.

Formalno izobraževanje-Milan Krajnc

Online learning

You can complete your studies online, regardless of the country in which you are located, all programs are internationally recognized and the level of education is verified in your country.

My administrative support is the European Center for Peace and Development in Belgrade (Serbia).

Milan Krajnc


The ECPD is authorized and able to organize and manage postgraduate studies in all scientific fields. However, so far it has been mainly involved in postgraduate study of technology in development problem solving, strategic management, European Union, Euro-Atlantic integration, EU law, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and international diplomacy, while specializing in advanced education in natural, human, economic, sustainable and technical and technological development, international relations and governance.

Brezplačna-e-knjiga- Milan Krajnc

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