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I just read a book by the founder of IUS Software or. better known as IUS-INFO - Legal Information Portal, Second Place of Birth, where he talks about his fall into a cave in the middle of a forest in the Dominican Republic, from which he somehow escaped after 8 days… They launched a large search operation… half the world was on legs.

And then my thoughts took me to a world where they report daily about various accidents, fires, earthquakes, mountain… and always immediately everyone goes into action, rescues… and above all, monitors what is happening. But all of this is a kind of material visual world, basically a show… where everyone performs, a kind of tragicomedy.

Namely, I often use the parable in my work as a “psychotherapist” when someone falls into a cave, the one who is not very difficult to see the solution, and the one who looks from the outside, easily directs… mainly because we are in trouble we do not see solutions, but for others we can always be smart or. we can help them because we are not burdened with the problem. Namely, I teach clients how to put themselves out of the problem and look at themselves as a third person. And not here, I’m just teaching them techniques, but most of all I’m researching why they fall into the “cave,” what causes them to get lost in themselves. So I’m dealing with their “inside”.

Going back to material catastrophes… but does anyone ever wonder what is going on inside these people, can they be helped in any other way… has anyone ever wondered how the author of the book The Second Place of Birth felt when he fell into the cave, how he felt when he came back and almost completely lost his property… he fell into another “cave”, where it was no longer interesting for the public and people and no aid campaign was launched at that time.

On the road, every day we meet more and more people who are on the brink of survival, there are even more who are far out of sight… and no rescue operation takes place.

There are more and more “rescue” campaigns for those who need treatment, or for those who have fallen on the social edge, but are no longer interesting for the show. If he was still very famous yesterday and may have slipped somewhere and fallen on the social edge, the edge of survival… no one will ask him or offer him help, but will be on the front pages of the newspaper, like a scandal because it reads well… so still they will earn on his pain and push him over the edge to the end… and then report that they have unfortunately… found a famous person… and then again all the praise about him.

From the edges of society - Milan Krajnc

People focus only on material things, what someone lacks… in reality, but most people in this material world only live… Has anyone ever wondered what it really means to live…

We have created such a system that the prisoners of this, every month under pressure… from month to month from year to year… are tired, always on the edge…

People who have slipped to the edge, we don’t know them, we don’t see them, they shut themselves in and then we prefer to move away from them because we don’t know how to help them, because we feel like they’re no longer a part of us, that they’re wrong now, bad, evil, weird… just running away from them.

But the state has some solutions for these people who co-created it… maybe when they are on the edge, but when they fall, it doesn’t help them, it just pushes them to the edges, because then they are in a position where they can no longer fight, but they just keep listening.

I am not talking here about the politicians who run the country, I am talking about the system we have created, which we have set around our necks, as a loop that is tighter every day, so much so that we can still breathe…

I don’t know if we will have enough power to ever overcome that. I hope we gather enough strength to cross it with the sword of Democles. If not, the system itself will kill us.

We talk daily about the help of those who come to our country, but we are not talking about those who created it, who are now just about to say goodbye to it.

We place too much emphasis on social society… we should support development, dreams, potentials…  by the way if we compare ourselves with neighboring countries… in Austria, no one even asks about what benefits up to a million euros of annual turnover. They want to have as many active millionaires
as possible and so they can breathe freely, they are in no hurry, there is less stress, less undeclared work… order is established by itself.

  • Why do not we make at least half a million, the traffic limit, so that nobody asks us anything?
  • Why do not we make our lives easier?
  • Why do not we make it all easy?
  • Why do we force ourselves to prove ourselves?
  • Why do we live for business goals?
  • Why do we burn ourselves completely and then get carried away by society like garbage?
  • Why?
  • ...

What would we say if we knew that someone fell into a cave and we just left him there?

  • Could you say: Let's fill up the pit so that no one else falls in and leave him there because he broke his leg and the doctors do not have time now to adjust their salaries?

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What would we do if we saw someone drowning and left him right there?

  • Leave him because there is no room in the hospital and the lines are too long? Why do not we do that?

Why do not we do that?

Why do not we have the resources when people are sliding to the edge to stop them earlier?

I can write countless questions…

The basic premise is the system and that everything is overcrowded. We live 100% every day, but basically everything we do could be 70% at most. Those who say that they are perfectionists, that they want everything to be 100%, are basically the biggest culprits for this narrowness in time and space. But we are all to blame for following them, nobody forces us to do anything, we choose this path

We live so that we do not feel, so that we do not perceive that people slip to the edge because we do not feel, we only store what we see. And we do not see people’s plight…

As the Little Prince said… look with your heart and you will see how people really live…

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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