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Many athletes in their career want to use every moment to train or dedicate it to improving their results.

Especially if the results are top notch, most athletes dedicate their whole life to sport. It often happens that they put school aside, they do not even think about the job, but through various temporary sources of financing, parents, sponsors, employment in state institutions they ensure their basic survival. Thus, during the time of sports activity, thoughts are entirely focused on the development of the result, the only thought directed towards the future is winning one of the prestigious titles or. a top result. And when they reach these results or are old enough that the body will no longer be able to make such efforts, or. the continuation of the sporting path will no longer be possible due to the
injury. What then? They will no longer be interesting for sponsors, governmental institutions will no longer have a basis to hire them, and they will not have any training yet …

which has caused many top athletes to become so resentful. They came to the end of the road, like veterans in battle when they come home with nothing and no one.

So he wonders why we trained in the first place, what do I get out of it?

»A lot of people were happy about our success, but what about today?«.

Sam is mentally and physically tired, he has absolutely no motivation in life. At the end of the journey he remains without a goal, he has invested all his time and money in the sport at this moment, he has not even thought about his future.

And what now?

Unfortunately, many athletes who fought in the past remain powerless, the fight for success has died down in them. They often behave like a wilted flower, without life. They no longer know why they should live.

But if we look a little differently. There may not really be a formal education, much capital, but there are experiences, acquaintances and a formed personality. That is their greatest capital. An athlete who has been active for more than ten years must have ten years of active study behind him. A study for life.

How to make a business out of sports? Milan Krajnc

Perhaps a top athlete is not even aware of what capital he or she has in comparison to others. In the course of his career, he learned to persevere despite mental and physical efforts, he learned to overcome obstacles and reach his goal, he learned order and discipline, he learned to combine different skills (nutrition, calming, body management, control… ), he got to know many different people, places, found himself in different organizations… in short, he gained many experiences. Above all, all the knowledge he carries within him is his tool. Basically his career was not finished when he hung the last medal on the wall, but it was just beginning.

That all this knowledge is in fact the basic skills of life. No training can give you these experiences and qualities that you cultivate. So a top athlete actually has a great advantage over other graduates. Unfortunately they are not sufficiently aware of this.

If an athlete does not have an entrepreneurial idea, he has to focus on his qualities, on what skills, knowledge and abilities he has acquired during all these years of active training.

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I can give some of my examples…
In my early youth I was involved in dance for 9 years, 5 of them in the jazz ballet, where I mainly learned to find a place on the dance floor. This characteristic helps me today in entrepreneurship to look for business opportunities where the market is still untapped or. the needs of the users are not yet met. Especially in the current time of economic crisis this feature was especially welcome. Later, I
worked in athletics for 8 years, as a runner over the 200 and 400 meters, and I was especially successful in relay. The experience I made in the relay race, that each individual must invest maximum energy in the overall victory, the same experience I have today in the company, if the whole team does not invest maximum energy in the company, we cannot get a salary. This means that the responsibility must be distributed evenly.

These are just some of the features I use in business today. This is my story, but it is an experience that all athletes have. It’s true, it depends on the type of sport, but everyone has a certain experience.

When I go back to an athlete who has finished his career. At that moment he has to ask himself what he has learned and what he has enjoyed the most in all these years.

And the first answer he gets in himself is actually his right answer. Some can become coaches, others functionaries, traders… but the most important thing is to be original. The skills they have acquired in their long career are their tool, their capital, so they have to continue to share them with others, with those who have only theoretical life experiences. Top entrepreneurs need top coaches, and these can be top athletes.

So absolutely every top athlete can expect a top job at the end of his career.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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