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In these days of self-isolation we get advice, books, TV shows, internet content... all kinds of content is available to us free of charge... my humble opinion is that this is not good, because we will only increase the distance to ourselves.

Ten years ago we were in a similar situation, it was not only an economic crisis, it was a moral crisis – morale rose a little. But we did not start to become aware of ourselves. Now the economic crisis will be the result of a health crisis, and again I do not think it will sober us up enough to focus on ourselves. We may not even know how to explain this concept. What does it mean to deal with oneself?

  • Advisor as a personality: Have you perhaps forgotten yourself at some point in your life? As a result, you experienced a congestion that accumulated t.i. psychological garbage. With the SPTTM method, we first clear up these congestions, congestions that have arisen from our own fears, shadows, molds of our own imprisonment. With this method we succeed in leading the counselor out of darkness into light, out of our own captivity into freedom.
  • The advisor as manager: The process becomes part of the individual as a limb of the individual, so that quick changes are not possible or resistance changes with quick changes. The SiriusSPTTM method is a managed process that leads the top management or the owner of the capital to personal growth and to setting priorities in personal and business life. There is no universal recipe, everything that is universal in the SPTTM method is ten steps, everything else is written to the individual. We also teach the consultant never to fall into darkness again, which is made possible by the tool Dynamic Communication Model (DCM).

That does not mean that we are gonna find a hobby, that we are gonna clean up, that we are gonna hang out with friends. it means we start talking to our loved ones about how we feel about them and around them. It’s a conversation about feelings. Even if you live alone, you are talking to yourself. What do you feel deep inside, where are your limits… What do you want anyway!

  • Turn off TV and the radio!
  • Stop reading the book you are reading and write the end of the book yourself.
  • Draw a plan for your life.
  • Draw yourself with colors.

 It may all seem a bit romantic, but it is time for us to stop and think about where we are going and where we are going when “maybe” it is over.

  1. Start writing an OBMOTION… what it should look like, what should be written on it.
  2. Then write a will, what you are leaving to whom, what you want to say to someone.
  3. And finally, write a farewell to your childhood.

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The current Slovenian government will successfully create a balance for life. It will also have to set a goal for how we will look like, after what the new school will look like, how it will look like every day…

In Japan, for example, even primary schools do not get grades until three years, but because they learn morality, ethics and attitudes towards themselves.

If we do not become sober enough in this crisis, there will be a crisis when people die of hunger. So keep the obituary that you will write today ready for those times!

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com
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