Meeting with Death… or the Power of Thought! - Milan Krajnc
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I just came back from a meeting where I made a lifetime commitment. I agreed to extend my life until further notice, but unfortunately not indefinitely.

Just as we make contracts for loans, contracts, various deals, we also make contracts for life. And really not much has changed.

Let’s look at an example, buying a property with a mortgage. Promise everything you have for the next 30 years until we repay everything. And after 10 years it happens, the so-called crisis, which prevents you from paying back the loan regularly. First you are a month behind, then two… then two, three, and
you receive a final reminder to cancel your contract. Increasingly, it hurts your stomach that you will lose everything, because even if you sell the property, it is no longer worth as much as you have to pay for the entire loan. And if this is the only property you have, you cannot go anywhere, which means that you are left without everything and still obliged to stay.

So what now?

People in this state are beginning to experience a rebirth and are convinced that maybe it is time for all the superfluous things to disappear from their lives, all the things that burden them, that the time of purification has come, and then they let go, let it all go, they are completely reborn, unencumbered, convinced that now a new opportunity is waiting for them, even more beautiful… they indulge in a new

Meeting with Death… or the Power of Thought! - Milan Krajnc

Well, that would be ideal if we did not live in a society that follows the rules that we have written ourselves. And our rules state that it’s necessary to pay back to the last. So they take our property, sell it to us and demand the difference from us. Sure, we can go into personal bankruptcy, which of course takes a few years, but we are on the shoulders of others and prisoners for a few years… hmm, so where does that leave us, this new opportunity and why do we let them take our property at all.

I think there is only one basic problem when we decided to sign a mortgage contract, we took it all too lightly, and instead of putting ourselves first, we naively still took care of others first, and only when there was something left for me to do.

And in such cases we can speak of pure energy when the “universe” sees that we give something to others so that we do not need it ourselves, even if we do not have enough. And it takes everything from us!

Namely, signing every contract is very responsible, and we have to keep to it responsibly. And we sign the same contract when we are born, we sign the contract of life. How we live is entirely up to us. Of course in the first years everything depends on our parents and educators, and after 6 years we slowly
start to decide for ourselves and take responsibility until we are fully responsible at the age of 18.

Now, when I return to the meeting, we sat at the table with Death and told me: “My dear, your time will soon pass. Regardless of your age, you have spent so much energy for others that you are slowly lacking energy for yourself in this life!

She looked into my eyes and I could feel in her bones that she was thinking very seriously. In my head a date came into my mind that I knew I only had a good month to make the decision that I was here and that I had to take care of myself so that I could ever do it for someone else.

Meeting with Death… or the Power of Thought! - Milan Krajnc

I sat down on the terrace, looked at the capital and wrote down the priorities, the whole thing ended with ME.

Therefore, dear “friends”, I will not write you a letter and I will not call you and explain it to you… but I will not pick up the phone and will not answer your e-mails… GOOD LUCK!

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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