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I am currently working on a selection of Records, for the English page, which will see the light of day in November 2017 together with the book.

the record jumped into that period into those feelings… and it was just fun to observe yourself in that period with current experience and knowledge. It was really funny to remember those times when I wandered through the storms of life, but the sun was shining next to me, and I didn’t see it. So now it’s becoming clear to me why some people looked at me so weird because they didn’t see what I was struggling with, and basically I seemed confused to them, and I was just looking for a herb to cling to to come out of this world war and finally I gasp.

For them, a completely different world and time ran than for me, even though we all lived in the same moment.

So I trained myself or. personally grown so that I can now see more parallel worlds and know exactly in what period or. the world is a person when I see his view and because I have gone through his period, so with personal experience and expertise I can help a person to leave various forms of wars and storms early and safely.

Awards - Milan Krajnc

And of course all this path of mine is important, also in the development of the Dynamic Leadership Model (DLM), as it is the Dynamic Model, a kind of protection against crises and at the same time a way out of the crisis. Of course, it can happen that DMV, to whom it also causes a crisis, especially personally; though it seems so at first sight, it essentially directs him on the path of salvation. DMV strikes a balance between the potentials of the individual and the company, and directs towards a natural way of working. Therefore, it is built exclusively on natural laws.

I used my knowledge of Psychology to understand the problems that arise in interpersonal relationships in the personal and business world, and my knowledge of Physics and Metallurgy to set up solutions and processes that enable balance.

To be more precise, my knowledge of Hydrodynamics and Thermomechanics helped me the most in understanding human properties and the functioning of thoughts, and reactions based on human character. If we monitor water currents, it is like monitoring emotional flows in us… so we can most plastically imagine what is the cause and how to direct or calm it, if we transfer this image to ourselves, we will be able to imagine what is happening inside us, at the same time, we will see ourselves as a third person and thus also seemingly move away from the emotional currents within us. Psychological exercises help with this: How others see us and The Parking Belt.

With these insights, we inflict “soft” shocks on ourselves. For “shocks” are those that push us out of a dead end or a vicious circle. Therefore, soft shocks are better than gross ones such as illness, death of a loved one, divorce, resignation…

New opportunities - Milan Krajnc

When I “appear” in a company, I usually see the whole process in the beginning or. what needs to change in the company. And just the last time I got the question, is the layoff in our company due to your presence?

I thought a little, as I do not come to the company to lay off instead of directors or owners, but only to establish a balance and conditions for operating in accordance with natural principles. The flow of the process in the company itself eliminates those who resist the change of the process or. make it impossible to strike a balance. So the process or. the flow of communication in itself helps the individual to establish his balance stimulates his potential and if it turns out that the potential of the company and the person are not “compatible”, due to the principle of Centrifugal force, the stranger in the company eliminates.

So someone told me that I was similar to a character from the movie In the Air (2009) played by George Clooney: “Losing a job is an opportunity!

George Clooney plays the guy who has the best profession in the world: he travels constantly, around the world, meets a lot of interesting people and he never runs out of work. A random tourist who carries his life on a trip, a frequent flyer who makes no difference between flirting with flight attendants and flirting with security guards at airport checkpoints, a pathological narcissist who constantly gives the impression that he is doing better than rent-a-car, who drives it. You can only get to know him by traveling with him. The guy is a success story: his job is to lay off workers. And he does it elegantly and smoothly, with a smile – and a samurai look in his eyes. It only does what managers don’t have the eggs for. Intimacy in this world spoils everything, so he is never embarrassed. Not for a hip. Quite the opposite: his performance is so good that it forces those he fires to be embarrassed. But don’t panic, calm them down – being fired isn’t a disaster, but an opportunity! Losing a job is the best thing that can happen to you! Now you can do bigger things! The guy is the truth of the free market: a parasite who lives at the expense of others, a cynic who stereotypes everything, a first-class guy whose backstage feeds on the tragedies of others, an impersonal capitalist mechanism who thinks he is human… ”

Maybe for whom I work like that because I travel a lot and I really enjoy what I do. However, I do not forgive, I only save human lives from the cage of the past. Everyone interprets this in their own way.

In my work and those I teach to continue my work, communication is most important. In DMV, honesty / truth is important, but how you say it is important, it is important that you say it in a way that he understands.

Namely, the moment I see that a person “does not move”, that his potential is very different from the company and that his characteristics can begin to hinder the development and operation of the company, I move away from him for a while to see for myself, because I at that moment I become his nightmare. However, I adapt the communication exclusively for the benefit of the company.

If a person understands all the messages of the environment, he will leave the company, which he no longer feels; it means that the person is on a very high level of awareness and a better opportunity in life awaits him. If he does not feel this, however, his personal transformation is just beginning and he will have to repeat the cycle of life again.

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Now that I’m reading this, what have I written, I ask myself, what is my role?

  1. I am striking a balance in the company!
  2. I am rescuing Persons of their past!
  3. I’m forgiving!
  4. I’m giving you another chance!

Obviously I’m going into the final round of negotiations or upgrading myself. As I flipped through all the old texts like that, I saw that over the years, I’ve mostly been cleaning and discovering my depth. Now, after deepening, I don’t see many old things anymore, I’m not interested in the past anymore, it means that now I’m just about to build a healthy foundation, my life so far and guidelines for the future.

The result of past self-discoveries has been to substantiate the Dynamic Leadership Model and my profession Crisis Captain, because it is now the foundation from which I build on.

Apparently, this whole round and return Home was necessary to get back into the world and put Home at home. And only now, all along the way, can I say that life is just beginning to live and that the words that have accompanied me for more than a decade no longer apply to me: “It hurts if a car drives you, if time drives you, the pain doesn’t to measure ”. I outgrew it and that for me nothing is lost anymore, even the past, every moment was a pebble in my mosaic of life. I am not sorry for anything, regardless of the visible result. I have always been a winner, so now I continue on the Path of the Winner. Someone would say he has finally accepted himself and will stop “wandering” around the world “

Milan Krajnc is a pedagogue and psychotherapist specializing in leaders, whom he helps from a vicious circle, where they have entered. It reorganizes businesses and teaches young people not to repeat the mistakes of the elderly. You can write to him at:

He is the Author of the Dynamic Leadership Model of company Management, based on natural laws. His book Dynamic Leadership Model.

You can order a printed book here.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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