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People most often make the mistake of setting material, business and status goals, forgetting their needs and primary potentials and becoming prisoners of the material world and others.

Today, it is more important to get to know ourselves well, because that is the only way we can manage ourselves and our surroundings, if we are not always "victims" of foreign influences.

– Milan Krajnc –

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After a detailed study of natural phenomena, I found that nature makes every change in seven steps. Thus, at the School of Personal Transformation, we will learn the basics of human psychology, the psychology of society, how man is connected to nature and how we respond to others….

The school takes place through 7 modules, and the time between them is also dedicated to personality growth.


Life consists of the unconscious (subconscious) and the conscious part (consciousness). And when we say we don’t have a sense of living, we are in an unconscious part that we don’t even know about. That is why it is important to explore the unconscious part through the external part – the messages we receive from the environment.

Who is the program intended for?

  • To all those who run different programs / therapies / treatments so that they themselves will also understand what they are really doing.
  • Parents to understand what stages children grow up through and to guide them more easily.
  • Managers who place great emphasis on the development of carts to understand what stages employees need to develop in stimulating potential and how they react at a particular stage.
  • To anyone who wants to understand what is “happening” to them and what steps they need to take to strike a balance.
Serius Personal Transformation - Milan Krajnc

Through the 7 levels of consciousness / wisdom we will become aware of “ourselves” as a whole and at the same time get to know our subconscious, which in the 7th level of wisdom becomes conscious.

If we observe nature in detail, each change occurs in steps 7, which we know as a quantum leap.

1. MODULE: PERSONAL SEARCH / 1. Level of wisdom –

Analysis of the existing situation.

Duration: 25 hours

In the first part, we will trigger a system of cleaning up psychological garbage and everything that does not belong in “our” life and obscures our view through psychological exercises. At the same time, we will learn how we can teach this to our “neighbors” without feeling like we are teaching them. We will learn to be aware of our good and bad things. We will begin to accept ourselves.

We will answer the question: WHO AM I?

MODULE 2: PERSONAL DYING / 2nd level of wisdom –

Accepting myself, the way I am.

Duration: 10 hours

Once we have made a “space” around ourselves, we can also begin to get to know our emotions, as they really are. We can say that only then do we feel ourselves as we really are. The emphasis is mainly on emotional exercises.

We will answer the question: WHAT DO WE FEEL?

3: MODULE: PERSONAL CLEANSING / 3rd level of wisdom–

Accepting responsibility for solving problems

Duration: 15 hours

When we begin to be aware of ourselves, we also begin to be aware of our responsibilities and the impact on our surroundings. For the first time, we meet EGO, who we also get to know well, and learn how to manage it.

We will answer the question: WHY AM I ALL RESPONSIBLE?

4: MODULE: PERSONAL GOALS / 4th level of wisdom –

Finding solutions

Duration: 25 hours

By being in the full phase of consciousness, we are also fully aware of all our responsibilities and no longer look for excuses, but take responsibility into our own hands. We feel ourselves for the first time, where we encounter completely new feelings. For the first time, we can say that we are free.

We will answer the question: WHAT DO I WANT TO CHANGE?


Decisions on how to solve problems

Duration: 15 hours

When we are “completely grounded,” we know exactly which path we need to go to reach the desired goal. The strategy we create at this point is also being realized.

We are completely re-learning the rules of life, morality, ethics, freedom…

We will answer the question: HOW DO I WANT TO CHANGE?

6. MODULE: PERSONAL STRATEGY. level of wisdom –

implementing steps towards a solution

Duration: 10 hours

We live a completely different life, where we have to correct the strategy, because we still live in the same environment, but with different insights and no expectations of the environment.

We learn to accept our surroundings differently and how to stand up for ourselves to live our dreams.

We will answer the question: WHAT IS THE PATH OF CHANGE?


we are saved!

Duration: 5 hours

We ourselves become exactly what we have always wanted, but in a different image, as we live the same life of our own and are independent of our surroundings.

We will answer the question: HOW ARE WE WORK NOW?

Namen izobraževanja je, naučiti se spoznavanje samega sebe, ter kako prepoznati druge v kateri fazi so in lahko z njimi v skladu s predvidevanju sodelujemo brez stresnih situacij.


What you will gain:

  • to get to know yourself very well,
  • that in all crises or. In critical situations, you see simple solutions,
  • to make the most of your time and there is no more empty space,
  • that you are constantly evolving and progressing, and that there are no more setbacks in life,
  • the goals are clear all the time,
  • the business goal is subordinated to the personal,
  • separate personal and business life,
  • no negative stress
  • the process develops your potential,
  • clear communication,
  • evenly distributed responsibility,
  • you can live your dreams.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Competence for Personal Renewal, in any responsible job.

  • The trainings start in September, and the workshops are held over a week or a weekend, depending on the group.
  • Each participant also has 10 hours of personal counseling.
  • Maximum number of participants 12.


Instructur: Milan Krajnc, author of the school.


Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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