Slogging from the Vagina - Milan Krajnc

I just read the book Vagina by Naomi Wolf, on 500 pages, not because I am so interested in this area, but because I was attracted by the structure of the book, which is similar to what I want to have, in an equally emerging 500-page book. titled I.

At the same time, when I started reading, I thought there was basically nothing wrong with getting to know this part of a woman a little more about not taking it than just meeting needs.

However, after only 10 pages, it began to become clear to me that the Vagina is in fact the center of the world, that the Vagina rules the world. So my mind went to all the great historical wars that started because of women. For the goal of rulers is to conquer what is desired and of course not only to be with it, but also to satisfy it. But each is satisfied differently. Well, make no mistake… sex is not the culmination of human creation and the goal of all existence, but it is the basis for the continuation of the human species. Somewhere in the explanations, I even discovered that the Vagina was supposed to represent the Holy Grail. Entering the holy space.

What I am trying to explain is a completely different dimension.

It is a very sensitive female part, which is why it is also so protected, with the whole body and very rarely exposed naked. This sensitivity, in individuals, causes different feelings, feelings of thought, thoughts, imagination, which are then reflected in the material world through actions and direct influences on the environment, but if a woman is still in a high position, then it can affect the whole nation or even generation of the world, of that time. Since the United States is currently the most influential in the world, we could say that Slovenia influences the actions of the whole world.

That is why it is important for women to get to know their Vagina very well, every single part of what she likes, in what way. And it is advisable for her partner to know this as well. If we get to know her through language, where bourgeois perceive different “feelings”, it can also give birth to immeasurable feelings and getting to know completely different dimensions of the partner than we see, hear and smell… these are feelings we don’t even know exist. We can connect with our partner on a certain level, which is basically the foundation of every individual’s existence.

Slogging from Vagina - Milan Krajnc

In various studies, I have found that women like oral intercourse because that is how a man can also discover that hidden side of a woman at the same time. Namely, her response, her energy that responds to this, is what she directly carries within herself, and because they are both most open at that moment, they can also get to know each other best.

Here the woman emits her strongest feminine energy, which means that this energy in the man also strongly stimulates the masculine energy and so both act without masks and at the highest level.

In this way, the woman discards all masks and games, and the man can also predict her reactions in the future, as she begins to conjure her up differently… and suddenly there are no more fluent women, boredom, established habits…

So you could jokingly say that a man with his tongue or fingers can “stroke” her future from her vagina.

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The vagina is essentially a Gate-entry into another dimension. In a world where there are no rules, where there is no more male and female principle, where there is only energy left.

Dear readers, I am aware that I have no right to give advice in this area because I am not in this role myself. However, I would just like to point out that individual parts of the body, even if they are physical, have a much “deeper” meaning than we perceive.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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