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It will be another one of those days when I cannot wake up and the feelings have completely disappeared, it will be another lost day where I will only check off the activities I have to do and I cannot wait for the end to go to sleep… and so there’ll be one less day in my life, one day closer to the end. A lost day. Which is scary when I already know I am gonna lose the day. Which is that all we get at
birth is time, and now I am doing it to her in a devastating way.

I cannot get cold water from the tap to wake me up. I was just looking for something “strong,” something that would wake me up but keep me sober at the same time. I do not want to help myself with artificial stimulants.

I sit down on the terrace and open the phone when I review all the activities, and I almost have a stroke when I see how important a decision I have to make at 11am, I really need to wake up. I basically need that first-class feeling that I have not felt for a long time.

The memory brings me back, far back to my early youth, when I was an active athlete, a 400 m runner. Where you run a few 1000 miles in a year, you lift a few 1000 tons of weights to improve your result by 0.1 seconds. But it takes so much effort to feel really good in the end. And so I trained for the state championship in September 1992, but it was also the last year of high school, which meant the trip to the prom, the one, the trip you wait for… and the state championship took place on Saturday and Sunday, but a week before that we were in Spain on a prom trip and so we came back on Friday, the day before the grand finale, so I worked hard for that trip a few years ago as I did for that trip. I just did not get out of the car when I already had a start over 400m and… the result of all these years of hard work and a week of boundless joy brought me 4th place (but I already had several national championship titles).

I do not know what was more important, what feeling… relaxed on the trip or that triumph at the game that was not… I could not think about it, I was too tired. But the next day we had the game at 9 in the morning, which is the middle of the night for me. The race was at… …100 yards, which is not my discipline. Everybody went out for a morning coffee… I’d never had coffee before… …but the crowd
ordered an espresso. I do not remember the feeling when I made my first coffee, but I became state champion in that race. And I have been drinking coffee ever since. So I had a triumphant feeling too, maybe because of the coffee.

Winning note - Milan Krajnc

From the past, the thought brought me back to this moment. Coffee, coffee can wake me up and give me a feeling of excellence. I need something that captures my best feeling, something that keeps me in that winning rhythm all day long.

I looked around the kitchen counter and stopped at a Nespresso coffee machine, I knew they even had a collection of different coffees. I flick through their catalog and my gaze stops at Kazaar coffee, the strongest with a strong taste. I knew that I needed an inner stimulus to wake me up.

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I prepared myself according to their instructions, as I was also preparing for the top games že, and this first touch of the tongue awakened in me a winning feeling, as if my body had been renewed. When the coffee entered the body through the tongue, the spirit also awoke, everything became crystal clear
and I was as new. This incredible feeling awakened in me the call of a warrior from the past.

All my thoughts and all my energy were focused on this 11 o’clock in the morning where I will win, just like I had drunk my morning coffee before, before my discipline. And I drank it on time.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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