“Whoever wants to see must look with the heart. The essence is invisible to the eyes. ” Milan Krajnc
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Today, after a long time, I re-read the story of the Little Prince, I even noticed that this is the third most  read book in the world, right after the Bible and the Koran. Interestingly, however, there is not as much talk about this book as about the first two, nor about the others.

Many people read this book many times, but they do not talk about it, namely that there is a secret in it, everyone finds his secret and truth in it, and nobody wants to talk about it. The author, or. the French pilot Antoine de Saint – Exupéry, first wanted to write a story for children, and he really did. After all, this book is read by a child in an adult, and so it reminds him of what he forgot a long time ago, reminds him of how he should live and where he got lost.

“Whoever wants to see must look with the heart. The essence is invisible to the eyes. ” Milan Krajnc

Each of us is aware that he often remains a “fool” because he wants to “appear” in society for some unknown reason, or by speaking loudly, a new outfit, with a lighter… with something. At this moment it suits us, because all eyes are on us, but the next moment we realize that we are playing just to get attention. We feel good, just a few moments when we see our eyes watering with reactions from the
environment and when their eyes water… when these senses, which only cover 7% of the information that creates our feelings, but begin to awaken other feelings, feelings captured by other senses that cover 93% of the information. And then the fever starts to flood in when we start to see things as they really are. Then we start to see with the right eyes.

Here I can use the saying from the book: “He who wants to see must look with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes. “In this short flow lies the essential truth of each individual, we all know much more than we dare admit. And then we live in someone

to the virtual world, just so as not to encounter the real world. Then comes the transfer of responsibility, the moaning… how naive we are, why we have not listened to ourselves… but it all happens because we really did not dare to listen to ourselves, we knew exactly what could happen, but that 7% was much stronger. Hoping, however, that there is something better than what we feel. And when we find out that the inner eye was right, without finally admitting it, we do everything we can to keep others from noticing it and to make our lives even more
complicated. The more we do not listen, the more complicated our life becomes, the more we lose life. However, life on earth has a limited time. And we lose life by the minute. And here I add the idea of Hedgehog again… “…»Pain cannot be measured when time is driving you!«

“Whoever wants to see must look with the heart. The essence is invisible to the eyes. ” Milan Krajnc

This was written by de Saint in 1943, when we were not so deep in the information society, but we were deep in the technological society. Namely, technology has completely removed us from ourselves, but it is not our own fault, information technology was created, but we would make it easier to live on earth and be able to focus even more on ourselves, but we preferred to focus on technology to remove ourselves from his heart. There has also been a lot of anti-Facebook advertising lately… but it’s not his fault that he’s the only one we can successfully exchange information with and reach lost friends faster. But if we take it that way… getting hooked, it’s not his fault. Everything in this world can
be evil and healing. Everything has its limits. 0.3 alcohol in the morning is healthy, everything else will be evil after a while, the same goes for sports, food, reading books… everything. Every progress brings comfort and evil at the same time, when we ourselves are not in balance. But for balance we need very little (at least every 3 days):

  • 30 minutes of exercise,
  • 15 minutes of peace with yourself,
  • 20 minutes of brain teasers,
  • One hour of fun.

But that is not a problem, not the day after tomorrow… then it’s a problem because we cannot do it anymore, there is always something coming up… and we notice this when we read the little prince book Knji We are lazy and laziness brings evil and laziness brings new technology. Even though we all
work all day, we are basically lazy that we do not know how to take care of ourselves. Of course a lot has been written about this, and we all look for instant solutions, but although the solution is simple, just take 20 minutes a day for yourself and everything will be fine… but since you do not do that either, the environment and nature force us into it, so that it takes away
what gives us comfort. Among other things, the current financial crisis.

However, this is not the only truth in the book that baffles us. The book also has a story with a rose that stood in the way of the little prince to get to earth faster, where he would make new friends and meet new roses… here I will insert an excerpt from the book, where it is very beautifully described,                               the story with the fox :

»Good afternoon,” said the Fox.
“Good afternoon,” replied the Little Prince, who stood up but saw nothing.
“Here I am,” said the voice, “under the apple tree.
“Who are you?” said the Little Prince. “You are very cute.”
“I am a fox,” said the fox.
“Play with me,” asked the little prince. “I am so sad.”
“I cannot play with you,” said the little fox. “I am not domesticated.”
“Ah, I am sorry!” said the Little Prince.
Then he thought, and asked, “What is this ‘tame’ creature?”
“You are not from around here,” said the Fox. “What are you doing here?” said the fox.
“I am looking for people,” said the little prince. “What is domesticated?”
“People,” said the Fox, “have guns and hunt. This is very annoying! He also raises chickens. That is their only worry. Do you care about chickens? ” “No,” said the little prince. “I am looking for friends. What is “domesticated”? 
“It’s something that hasn’t been used for a long time,” said the fox. “It means making connections.”
“Making connections?”
“Sure,” said the Fox. “Right now you are just a little boy to me, just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I do not need you. And you need me even less. To you, I am just a fox among a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, we will need each other. You will be the only one in the world for me. I will be the only one for you. “
“Yes, I got it,” said the little prince. “Somewhere there is a flower… I believe it has domesticated me…”
“I can,” said the Fox. “Much is happening here on earth.”
“Oh! Not on Earth,” said the little prince.
The Fox’s interest was aroused:
“On what other planet?”
“Are there hunters there?”

“Uh, interesting. What about chickens? “
“Nothing is perfect,” sighed the fox.

And she ate to spread her former thought:
“My life is bleak. I hunt chickens, people chase me. All chickens are the same, and so are the people. I am bored already. But if he domesticated me, the sun would shine into my life. I would learn steps that would be different from others. All steps bring me death. And yours would lure me out of the cave like a song. Look! See the cornfields down there? I do not eat bread. What about grain? The cornfields remind me of nothing. And that is sad! But your hair is as golden as grain. Oh, how I wish I could be tamed! Grain, which is gold, would remind me of you. I’d even be happy with the wind in my corn…” The Fox stopped and stared at the Little Prince for a long time.                                                                    “Please… tame me,” she said.
“I really like it,” replied the Little Prince, “I have very little time. I have to make friends and meet many other things. “
“Only you know what you tame,” said the Fox. “People do not take the time to learn anything at all. They buy ready-made articles from traders. But since there are no traders who sell friends, people no longer have friends. If you want a friend, take me home! “
“And how do you do that?” said the little prince.
“One must be very patient,” replied the Fox. “One day, you will be sitting in the grass, farther away from me – like this. Now I will look at you from the side, and you cannot answer. Words are the source of misunderstandings. But you will be able to sit closer every day…”
The next morning, the little prince came back.
“You’d better come at the same time every day,” said the Fox. If you come at four in the afternoon, I look forward to seeing you at three. The closer the time gets, the happier I will be. At four I will be impatient and restless; I will feel how precious happiness is. But if you come without knowing when, I
will not know when I shall begin to be happy. Ceremonies are necessary. “
“What is this ceremony?” asked the Little Prince.
“It is also something that is almost useless,” said the fox. “That is what makes a day different from other days, a different time from other days. For example, my hunters have a ceremony. On Thursdays, they dance with the village girls. So Thursday is a wonderful day! Then I take a walk to the vineyard there. But if the hunters were dancing at any time, all days would be the same, and I would have no holidays. “«

Maybe now it looks like I am describing something that has already been written, but I have the feeling that many people read a book, they feel that there is a message in it, but they do not know exactly what.

The point of all this is that we have everything we need at home, but because we are “lazy” and do not pay enough attention to ourselves, our loved ones, our place, we prefer to look elsewhere. This does not only apply to the relationship with ourselves, but also to the relationship between partners, it is also about the relationship with our own country.

We look for solutions outside, we ask foreigners to bring money, and we will give them everything we have, and so we become slaves. At home, however, the potential hidden in nature, people and history is dying out. This is just a proof of how much we do not love ourselves and want proof and confirmation elsewhere … of how good we are. But such confirmation costs a lot. And that guilt has to be covered one day.

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Perhaps today is the “time” in which we remember those for whom the “time” of life has passed, that this “time” will also pass for us one day and that it is “time” to begin to appreciate ourselves and our neighbors, because only this gives us value and a feeling that we are alive.

“Whoever wants to see must look with the heart. The essence is invisible to the eyes. ” Milan Krajnc

And a few more “thoughts” from the book that you “think” about:
– Adults never understand anything on their own, and children find it annoying when they have to
explain things over and over again.
– You can only ask everyone what they can do.
– The most difficult thing is to judge yourself, for others it is easier.
– If someone wants to be witty, he likes to lie a little bit.
– Words are a source of misunderstanding.
– But since there are no dealers selling friends, people no longer have friends.
– It does not get far for someone who goes straight ahead…

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com
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