My vision

My vision is to cleanse the world of all negative or remove everything that inhibits human potential and makes life in the light impossible; so those happy and bright sides of life.

Therefore, I divided my mission and work on projects into the following categories.


I have developed methods a person’s thoughts are cleared and help remove everything, that does not belong to their true nature, from his mind and life. We could say that we free him from all burdens.

Target audience: Directors, Leading politicians… Only by our own example can we make changes in the environment

Only when I help management set clear goals can I make a reorganization in the company. I am not building the reorganization on forgiveness, but on exploiting the unused or hidden potentials, simplify processes and reduce costs at all levels, at the same quality, without increasing stress.

Target audience: State and local government, Family businesses, larger business / social systems… If we want to make a real change, we need to tackle change holistically.

There is no more space for garbage on earth, and at the same time there is no more material for new things, so it is necessary to build on recycling and install materials that are naturally degradable. Above all, to save nature with nature itself. That’s why we started connecting solutions with users. First, we make an analysis and strategy of what each area needs.

Target audience: Naturally closed areas, countries, regions, municipalities… if we want to live and enjoy life, then we can only do it in a clean environment.

More and more food is being raised artificially because we are running out of space, which in turn is directly causing the changing basic cells of man and our nature. Therefore, I connect all naturally produced food, and encourage the local community to be self-sufficient, and in larger cities, I establish food production, without gnolls in specially processed areas, where the emphasis is on as natural methods as possible, and cities get fresh food daily.

Target audience: Cities, Local community

Brezplačna-e-knjiga- Milan Krajnc

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