What should the country do in a crisis? Milan Krajnc
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We must not privatize everything, the crucial things must remain in the hands of the state, because they are all that makes basic survival possible – and communication is today a condition for basic survival.
I could concentrate on boutique tourism, whose partial goal could also be production.

I could concentrate on boutique tourism, whose partial goal could also be production. The article “What should the state do in a crisis? is a continuation of the article “How to get out of a personal crisis? Every crisis begins with the individual, and individuals make up the country. This means that we cannot save the country if we start saving the country first. We have to start with ourselves
first. The article gives general guidelines and details in the above-mentioned manual.

The article gives general guidelines and details in the above-mentioned manual.
The current “anarchy” in the country and at some banks only exacerbates the situation in the country. Everyone who is just below the top of the state and financial institutions still has enough bread to avoid starvation, and all those who have filled these pantries are slowly running out of supplies.

In other words, it is time for them to come ashore, because they are now floating somewhere in the clouds. Only those who had contact with reality here on earth, those who had their feet firmly on the ground, could realistically follow what was happening around us. Everyone who was at the top wanted more and “flew away”. They lost contact with the ground and could no longer see what was happening around them. Everyone set their own goals, but they no longer had a base here on Earth. Namely, the goals came from their self-state, from ego-states: “this is me, this is me, I am the best…” The game between these ego states started because they are

What should the country do in a crisis? Milan Krajnc

competed to see who will be better, who has a bigger one, who has more… and the game lasted as long as they could “stack” their toys in a pile. But since this pyramid had no solid foundation, it started to collapse, the pyramids/empires started to crumble.

Ego states completely disrupted the balance, but the nature whose heart was affected quickly began to heal its wounds on its own and restore balance. If nature could no longer take care of itself, it could not take care of those of us who live in it.

The same phenomenon is found in society, more precisely in families, among women, among mothers. Mothers would do anything to give their children everything, everything good. They have two jobs, they tear themselves away from food, they try to give their children the best schools… and if there is violence in the family, they want to protect the children from beatings. And how long can a mother like that hold out? Maybe not even until the child comes of age.

A child needs parents at all times, not a little later, not even tomorrow, but here and now… A child does not need protectors, but it needs educators. It needs to be open to the world. A child learns by example, so the parents must be stable, rested and happy. This means that they have to take care of themselves first, so that they can then take care of the child. And as much as they can give him, it will
be enough for him, because only then will he see where the real limits are to keep us healthy. Otherwise the child will not learn this and think that it can do more, unlimitedly … and then grow up to become a person who crosses boundaries.
And this is where the current financial crisis began.

Mothers have given us more than they were able to.

Yes, now we all take responsibility and no longer apologize that our mothers are to blame, because we are adults and can take our lives into our own hands. When we were children, someone guided us, that was mum, and now that we are physically grown up, we obviously still need someone to guide us, someone to show us the direction, now that we are completely lost. That is the leadership of the country, the people we have gathered, because the best among us are those who know what they are doing and where they are going, and we will follow them.


What should the country do in a crisis? Milan Krajnc

Nothing is happening right now! When the current stops flowing, a puddle forms and the puddle in our country still stinks very badly.
But the first condition to get out of this puddle is to decide where we will go, in which direction. If we do not set our course, we will continue to wander from edge to edge and we will continue to get stuck in puddles. So someone has to show us the right side to go there if we cannot already decide for ourselves.

For centuries, Slovenians have had the only goal: “Let us become independent, we want to have our own country! We succeeded in doing this at the beginning of the 1990s, but then our goal has remained the same. We went to Europe and opened the door, but our general goal is still the same: we want our country. So, on the one hand, we opened the door to the outside, and on the inside we closed more and more, first the regions, then the municipalities, there were more and more of them … and then the gardens with big fences. So what do you want? Are we open to the world or do we want to close it completely?

We do one thing and think another. We have to agree on that first. Do we go in or out? I think this is also the biggest problem of many men in Slovenia – they do not know if they would go in, and if they are already in, they want to go out immediately… That is why women are not happy with Slovenian men on average, because the men do not know what they want, but still do not finish what they

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So you have to decide whether you want to go out or not. If we go out, foreign policy must be guided by this, and the “reception” of foreign guests at the legal-administrative level should be hospitable. Otherwise we will close all the doors, and in the end we will be all alone… our neighbors will be in our way, everyone will have their own house on a big ranch where we will live all alone.

Once we have decided whether we want to go in or out, our next step will be to answer the question of what we want to make of the Slovenian state – be it a tourist, industrial, high-tech,… country.

What should the country do in a crisis? Milan Krajnc

Why is this important? Because we cannot sell land for production facilities in the area that we have designated as a tourist area in the development plan. We could earn more that way, but we must not allow ourselves too many paradoxes.

This is particularly important now that the country is in crisis with its financial injections. So where should we invest money? In the production of companies that have no future, or in tourist facilities that need to be completely renovated? If our aim is production, then of course we should invest money in production!

I would like to say that only if we have a clear direction will the financial injection sting exactly where the pain is, and the pain will also disappear very quickly. However, if we guess and sting in different areas, we will still have a lot of pain before we reach the target, unless, of course, the vaccine runs out sooner.
Under no circumstances should we sell telecommunications, logistics, energy and financial companies. Let us think about what can happen if we completely privatize telecommunications or energy companies and then that company collapses and the state no longer has any influence to save it. How will we communicate? Like the Indians!

Maybe a bit drastically, but imagine that tomorrow there will be no more telecoms, and therefore no more Mobitel and SiOL, where will we be then? You can say: “Yes, because we have Si.mobil, Tušmobil, Telemach (companies for telephony, mobile and internet)… that we really have them, only in which networks? Telecommunications !!!!!! (slightly generalized, but highly dependent).

However, all this is quite possible. We must not privatize everything, the decisive things must remain in the hands of the state, because they are all that makes basic survival possible – and communication is now a prerequisite for basic survival.

What should the country do in a crisis? Milan Krajnc

What would I do? I would concentrate on boutique tourism, whose sub-target could also be production. Let me give you an example: Slovenia has a long tradition of craftsmanship, which means we have knowledge that the world lacks. We could therefore concentrate exclusively on development, as we do not have the production capacity to supply the world.

Since we are of Slavic origin, we could cooperate with Slavic countries that have sufficient capacity. Since Slavic blood runs through our veins, communication can also be much easier and faster. In Slovenia we would take care of development,
marketing, sales and coordination. The production part and the logistics would be done in one of the Slavic countries, whose goal would be production. In Slovenia we could have only boutique production. We know how to do the best things ourselves.

That is why there is a lot of space left for tourism. But not for megalaxies, mega-hotels, but for boutique things, for tourist farms, settlements… …for everything we have had for centuries, they just need to be restored.

Slovenia could be a boutique that specializes in quality things. So people would do more things with their hearts, they would do what we know best and what we enjoy doing. In this way we could also achieve a high profit, because high-quality things in small quantities always fetch a high price.

If we would do things with the heart (which makes us happy), money would only be a logical consequence of our work. All the Slovenian state (the administration) should do is to ensure comprehensive marketing and simplify administrative procedures. The previous government has already started to implement many of these measures, but it would take another term of office to complete them, but unfortunately it did not succeed. Apparently there was already a reason for this that was big enough. Perhaps it was because it did not lay a sufficiently stable
foundation, that it did not have a specific objective; for example: why did it reduce wages, to what end did it change the systematization of the public sector?

Once we have achieved the objective that has been set, we must adapt the Constitution and then the legislation, which will lead to a rationalization of legal and administrative procedures. The Slovenian state is now too expensive because things are duplicated. I am not saying that the state apparatus must be downsized, that people must be made redundant, but above all we must say who does what and why, and what the result of this work should be. 

Only when we know this will we know, even in crisis situations, where we have to be careful not to collapse the whole state apparatus and to channel money into development or the economic sector rather than into our own apparatus, because that can have the same effect as a sinking boat when water flows in faster than we can pour it in.
Yes, we really need a target first! But we need to clean ourselves thoroughly before we even get to the bottom of it.

In any case, a woman should take over the leadership of the country for a while. We do not want to separate men and women in this way, but the men have to come to terms with the fact that women can organize better and that Slovenia needs a female “housewife” during this time to clean and fill the pantries.

To achieve the goals we have set, we need a responsible and stable leader.

“Where there is no tiger, even a rabbit can be considered a ruler.” Confucius* –

this was written three years ago, so some facts are no longer relevant, the concept is current.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com
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