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Winner path

Awakening program

There are many spiritual paths and each one starts with you. The winner path is a process based on holistic balance and is the basis from which we come from. It opens the door to a broader understanding of ourselves, fellow human beings and creation as a whole, and enables us to function and to have inner peace and conscious decisions. The program begins with deciding that you want and need the missing pebble in your mosaic. It is the desire and ability to move from a fighter to a “priest” who will give the world a new matrix and take a place among the selected with a great deal of respect.

In order for a person to wake up, he must first relax, get a good night sleep, feel safe. Only then can the cleansing process begin on all levels: body, emotions, intellect and soul.

The program is completely tailored to the individual, so we want to get to know you a little better through an interview.

Milan Krajnc

A shift in consciousness

A shift in consciousness or the call is felt mostly by people who are climbing on a business success latter or are at the top. Careers are only part of a life path and a test that they are trustworthy and capable of changing the world. Through them, they become aware of ancient knowledge, but feel trapped and limited in the daily routine of large systems.

They often remain lonely with their thoughts, emotions, and awareness, as they do not find an interlocutor for the processes they observe and feel, but they are intangible until we give them clear consciousness and purpose.

Mali lošinj-program for awakening

Breakthrough to self

The method is based on the Dynamic Leadership Model, developed in over a decade by Milan Krajnc. It was created gradually, with the experience and knowledge of the author through sculpture, astronomy, physics and psychology.
It is a business process based on natural principles and laws, where the basis is Man and his breakthrough to himself.

“Companies will have to transform according to the principle of natural laws, otherwise they will become a mill for the destruction of the human spirit,” says the author. And he continues: “so the time has come if we want to save humanity, to listen to nature, its signal, its call…”

Brezplačna-e-knjiga- Milan Krajnc

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Milan Krajnc

Awakening our true nature

Through the activities that accompany the Winner’s Path program, we detoxify the body, mind, emotions and soul and establish a natural rhythm, thus opening the door to a different reality.

When we carry out these activities evenly over a period of time (14 days), we establish the foundations through which we learn where we are and where we want to go.

It is not about changing the thought pattern, but about awakening our true nature, returning to the source, and becoming aware of our mission. We are a beacon and a light that changes the world by example. As vigilance increases, so does our self-esteem and respectful and loving attitude toward ourselves and others.


The process begins three weeks before the arrival on Mali Lošinj. During this time, through physical activity, diet and relaxation, you prepare the ground for deeper contact and restore balance in the body.

The on-site program lasts 14 days, during which, through cleansing programs with an emphasis on breathing techniques and conversations with experts, the individual spontaneously, without coercion, comes to realize what in life supports and what inhibits his growth.

After returning to the home environment, the process under the guidance of a therapist continues for the next three months. You deepen your knowledge and consolidate the acquired balance.


The island of Lošinj is a unique place in the world, because in the beneficial climate and beautiful nature you can easily feel that this is a place for the gods and that there really is a possibility for the Soul to be cleansed.

The northern part of the Adriatic, Kvarner Bay, is known for its deep blue sea, beautiful bays and the most beautiful islands of northern Dalmatia. Among them, Lošinj is valued for its cultural heritage, unique subtropical climate and fragrant nature with healing properties.


The accommodation spoils us in the Hotel Bellevue, located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Lošinj, known for its beautiful nature, crystal clear sea, fragrant air of countless pine trees and a prestigious vacation.

Rooms offer intimacy and luxurious comfort with views of pine peaks or spacious blue.

The elegant, vibrant and luxurious hotel will take your breath away at every step.

Food preparation is inspired by ancient cuisine, which is extremely similar to today’s biodynamic diet and is carefully tailored to the individual. With the right choice according to the type of person, we can strengthen the immune system, heal stress, beautify the skin, balance hormones, detoxify the brain and intestines, be more productive, more alive, full of energy and shine in all our essence.


It all starts and ends in an individual’s mind.

The island of Lošinj has been known as a place of rehabilitation since ancient times. This is also why our story The Path of the Conqueror is related to the Greek athlete Apoximenes, who was discovered off the coast of the island in 1996.

The statue represents a young athlete cleaning sweat and sand with a special scraper. Symbolically, in this way he cleansed himself of all toxins and created the conditions for the body, mind, emotions and soul to balance and feel the natural rhythm again.

And this is exactly what is needed in wholesome regeneration. Start from point zero, create conditions and feel your true nature. No coercion or shocks. Through the Winner’s Path program, things happen by themselves, it’s just up to us to go with the flow.

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