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Ddr. Milan Krajnc, mentor and coach for your personal and business success

Milan Krajnc is an expert in solving problems caused by different personalities in a company, municipality or country. He knows how to complete projects and start from point 0. He finds the cause of the problem and eliminates it. He is the author of the Dynamic Leadership Model.

You can explore more about Milan, his thoughts and creations through his blogs and books:


I teach you to look at “yourself”, as
a third person!

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Milan Krajnc

I offer my clients a
comprehensive approach to problem solving.

I am the author of 30 books and more than 200 professional and scientific articles; my latest work, entitled DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP MODEL, has already been translated into 7 foreign languages, and is still being translated in 11. I run the Mayor’s Academy, where we teach future mayors how to manage and lead in municipalities.

In the eyes of most people, I am SUCCESSFUL. However, I myself do not have this feeling. I’d rather say I’m in some kind of turbulence all the time. I also notice this in people who are seen by others the same as me – as SUCCESSFUL.

To be frank: “I won’t perfect my image of myself to be successful in the eyes of others.” Before I started “selling theory,” I created a lot as an entrepreneur, later lost a lot and created even more.

Before I started “developing the theory,” I read a lot of different books, spent hours and hours in labs, and most of all, experienced and survived many life upheavals.

Before I started teaching theory to students, I tested the theory in practice countless times. I also wish you all to be HAPPY, and so peace will reign in this world.

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Milan Krajnc

Why take the risk when you can prevent it??

Risk management must be integrated into project planning. Not because risks will arise and materialize, but because we want to reduce the likelihood that they will, and to be able to prepare for and respond quickly and effectively to potential challenges.

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The mission of the project is to raise public awareness of the reputation of the medical profession. The World Competition for Women in Health is not a beauty contest. This event is a manifestation of humanity. It simply means appreciation for the beauty of spirit of people in the health sector.

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