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Human and nature

Dynamilogy is the active study of “living” processes and phenomena in connection with man and nature! It is a new scientific science that I have substantiated on the basis of physics, psychology and economics.

It is a kind of decoding of natural secrets. For if we look at nature, we see that everything is simple, that everything works by itself. And we often say to ourselves how great it would be to be like that in our lives as well.


Example of a diamond

Lets look at an example of a diamond. A diamond is made up of carbon. But graphite is also made up of carbon. The difference between them is only in the placement of the atoms. And if we transfer that to our economy now, how much graphite do we have to sell to get the same value as if we sell one diamond?

So the whole secret is just in the right order. The nature code is the correct sequence. If we start comparing a business process or process in our personal life to natural processes, we will quickly figure out where we are making a mistake. This way we will also quickly come up with a formula for success. We just need to put the process in our personal or business life in the right order.


And in the end, you realize that happiness is just a decision!

The goal of dynamology is to put man before business and reverse the flow of current chaos in the world.

The following models are currently derived from dynamology:

  • The Dynamic Leadership Model, a business methodology that puts people first.
  • The Dynamic Leadership Model For Administrative Systems On A Local Level, which puts the potential of the environment and people first.
  • The Dynamic Communication Model, which creates a refined flow of information.
  • Sirius Personal Transformation, psychological method, self-recognition.
  • Sirius Business Transformation, business methodology of process renewal.
  • Project Office , a form of company organization where the basic element is project and project management, which is a completely natural process.
  • Dynamic Circle, organizing one's own life to establish inner peace.
  • Dynamic Leader, a modern business profession.
  • Dynamic Manager, a modern business management profession.
  • Dynamic Engineer, a modern profession for planning processes according to personality.
Brezplačna-e-knjiga- Milan Krajnc

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