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Team Building

The program for connecting a team at work and their members takes place in a special environment, namely on a biodynamic farm.

The purpose of the workshops is to show the management how the result of the company depends on their work and tasks on the farm.

The whole workshop is based on the Dynamic Leadership Model, which illustrates the operation of the company according to the principles of natural laws.

Milan Krajnc

How does the team building program work

Through various tasks, program participants identify their role and influence, which is applied from their personality to work processes and other employees in the company. With the help of acting or socializing in an unknown environment, individuals re-form a clear image of themselves, their personality and goals. Due to the involvement of nature, the environment has a stimulating effect on the participants and is based on the awareness that in the sincerity of nature it is possible to discover and correct harmful behavioral patterns that affect work processes and organizational climate.

Biodynamics is a sustainable and holistically oriented method of farming, which means not only the type of agriculture, but a holistic approach to all aspects of life. Its focus is on revitalizing the land, which can be clearly applied to revitalizing the company.

Workshops carried out through work on the farm enable individuals to rethink fundamental values, their role, impact on work processes, responsibilities and opportunities for improvement in the company / institution.

Wine is produced on the farm, so the program ends with a tasting of the best organic wines in the world.

  • Location: Vinogradništvo Šuman, Zavrh 90a, 2232 Voličina, Slovenia.

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