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Premium osebno svetovanje - Milan Krajnc

Comprehensive personal analysis

In this counseling, I dedicate myself holistically to each individual (body, mind, emotions, soul), exploring his subconscious and all the untapped potentials he holds within himself.

Based on a personal analysis, I prepare a completely personalized transformation program (a transformation that begins to liberate the individual and enable him to progress to the desired goals).

Milan Krajnc

What is Premium Personal Consulting?

Premium personal consulting is intended exclusively for those who want to leave a mark in this world, for the rest of their lives. However – they will leave their mark only if they make full use of their potential, which comes to life only if we are honest with ourselves and free from all emotional barriers.

I use different techniques and tools when at work, but basically we walk through all seven levels of wisdom together, so we get to the last one, which means self-awareness on all levels.

  • Designed exclusively for those who want to leave a mark on this world.
  • A fully personalized personal and business transformation program.
  • Various techniques and tools for personal and business growth.
  • Over seven levels of wisdom, to self-awareness at all levels.

Personal Breakthrough 1 hour | 150 €

Now you can give yourself or a loved one the strongest gift: the opportunity for a complete personal transformation.

By purchasing one voucher you give 1 hour of professional counselling and experienced management from renowned expert Milan Krajnc.

Voucher - Personal consulting - 1 hour - Milan Krajnc
Premium personal consulting

Why I designed this consulting
and why do you need it?

The story of each of us could somehow be compared to the story of an eagle.

The eagle has the longest lifespan among birds, living up to 70 years. But to live that long, he has to get rid of all the “burdens” that hinder him at the age of forty.

At this age, quite a few UNPLEASANT CHANGES happen:

  • The long and sharp beak bends.
  • Eagle long and flexible claws become unusable for hunting.

With them, he can no longer easily catch the prey he feeds on.

  • Old and heavy wings with thick feathers get stuck during flight.

The jamming of old and heavy wings makes it increasingly impossible to fly and hunt.

So he is left with two options: to die or to embark on a painful process of change, a real transformation that lasts a full 150 days.

This process of change begins at the top of the mountain, where the eagle flies and pecks at the stone until part of its beak crushes away. Then he waits for his new beak to grow. It clings to old and inflexible claws with it. When new ones grow, it plucks the old heavy feathers with them.

The described transformation takes five months! And then in the summer again in the year of the young, resilient, strong eagle it lives another 30 years.

I help each individual make decisions to make a general transformation in life, like EAGLE.

Advanced services

For your personal and business success

Milan Krajnc is an expert in solving problems caused by different personalities in a companymunicipality or country. As part of his training, he primarily offers:

For your personal and business success

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