Dynamic Leadership Model of Local Administration Systems


This book is meant for all who aspire to enter local
politics, for those who wish to change their municipal
administration leadership methods. Furthermore,
for those who care for where and how they live while
understanding that your personality affects the
quality of life of all citizens in the municipality you
lead or co-administer. This book aims to elevate the
leadership culture of municipal administrations and
local communities


  • Language: English
  • Format: Printed book
  • Issue date: 2022
  • Pages: 276

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“The book has been in development for ten years and is based on extensive research that I later on used for my first doctoral dissertation. My solutions earned me a nomination for the Nobel prize in Economic Sciences in 2021.

I carried out my research in the Slovenian market, which is part of the European Union. This is a country in which I spent 33 years of my life and know well, furthermore, it is a country that is easily manageable due to its size and has the full functionality of a larger multi-cultural country.”

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