My strength is in being who I am! - Milan Krajnc
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» strength is that I am what I am! « I have heard it a lot lately, in fact I have heard it countless times in the past, but only now loud enough and I have also begun to understand it.

In fact, I had before me the story of a person who had been very close to me since primary school. I thought he was the greatest because he was an excellent guy, a great athlete, he was the best in all areas, but not because I wanted him to be. He was just like that. As if he had it by nature, but at the same time he was relaxed, never under pressure, he always found a solution and was calmest when
everyone was in trouble… it just seemed easy to me… that is what I want to be.

Soon I found out that he is not the only person who is his role model, but that there is a whole line of us. So I began to observe this species, unlike our Superman. . . . . .over the years.

He still remained the best, in high school, in college… …even getting his Ph.D. with his left hand… he really was the best. The others followed him. I have seen some who deliberately competed for higher positions to get noticed, to accumulate material wealth, to get noticed… and to get as much media coverage as possible. And when we met every five years on the valet’s anniversary and he mentioned to some that he noticed them bilily, they were very proud… HE noticed me. I had the feeling that they lived, just for this compliment, every five years.

My strength is in being who I am! - Milan Krajnc

We met again last Friday after five years, and HE was still the same, maybe he looked stronger and more relaxed… probably because others around him were completely lost. Namely, that in that five year period, the political power changed, the depression… and some were out of office, they had no money and they had nothing to show for it… ON but he could show.

We did not hang out much on those anniversaries, but we drank coffee together almost every day. And today I really realize that he did nothing else but live life. In fact, he was neither “special” smart nor clever. He was just aware of his potential and he was just developing it. He was relaxed, calm inside and stayed on his path the whole time. He had no desire to prove himself, neither by material nor by media heroic deeds, although he had had enough of everything, and he did not compete for something that was only a logical consequence of his way of life.

He had no desire to prove himself, neither by material nor by media heroic deeds, although he had had enough of everything, and he did not compete for something that was only a logical consequence of his way of life.

Most of us are in search of a miracle potion, of inner strength… …and spend millions on it, travel all over the world… …but in reality, it’s all within us, we just have to get to know each other and start to enjoy it… and we really become the center of the world.

HE has always been a model for me in my work, when I developed the concept of Personality Transformation (SiriusPersonalTransformation), I observed what it is, why a person gets lost, why he falls or why he goes out of his direction…

My strength is in being who I am! - Milan Krajnc

And I saw that he had an advantage over others because of his upbringing. They never had much at home, but they were honest with each other and with their parents, we never spoiled him, but always treated him like an adult, and so he was the only one who grew up to be an adult and mature person. Because that was his greatest asset, he was mature… all of us who still came together on anniversaries when we were 40, and we were just kids… …but not those playful kids, but the kids who never got enough attention.

That is why when I developed the Personality Change Method, I followed the guidelines that it’s important to grow up, if not at 18, then at least at 40…or 60.

And this morning, after 15 years, he asked me why you pay for coffee every morning, why you do not even let me have coffee… because I pay for coffee and I learn from you how to become an adult.

Of course, he looked at me a little more strangely. He said I did not know exactly what I was talking about because he’s always the same and he does not know what it means to be an adult.

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And today was the first time I let him pay for coffee!

And that is how the conversation was, quite different today. I explained everything about my method and about the book I had just finished. He was surprised when I told him that HE is the main character. And then he asked me how much they would be willing to pay people to become like HE, and he laughed along.

When I told him the character and that people have been waiting their whole lives to live at least 5 minutes like HE, he just could not believe it. And all for the sake of education.

He said he was convinced that he had a tough upbringing, that he admired the neighbors for treating their children differently. But it is true that my parents were my best friends all the time and they always showed me who I was, they did not let me hide from anything or anyone, I served everything myself. I really feel that I do not have some problems in life and that everything is going well for me, but I always thought it was because I am not looking for problems and I do not complicate things. I have tried to say a little bit that as a physicist and a good connoisseur of nature I am always looking for optimal solutions… but now I see that in the first years my parents just gave me the right direction and showed me how to have myself and then you can have everything.

Therefore it is never too late, the vast majority can thank you and your parents for helping me to develop this method, which today helps more and more people to free themselves from the burdens of the past and to return to the path of their lives from which they strayed many years ago.


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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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