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Our well-being depends mainly on the environment. When others praise us, we will feel good, which means that we are constantly dealing with others. Let us almost forget ourselves! In the time when we were building up external self-confidence, we forgot the world around us, sometimes we lost the rhythm. We no longer felt joy, we no longer felt sadness, we no longer heard what our neighbors said, we only felt pain when we were not praised, confirmed.

Only the self-confidence that grew out of us is our inner strength. We have to be aware that we are the only ones and only ones, that no one is like us, that we are truly unique. We must praise ourselves, we must thank ourselves. We should not look for external confirmations because we become dependent on them. We have to be enough for ourselves.

Let us look inside ourselves at who we are; everything we have achieved so far is because we are who we are. Let us accept ourselves with all the good and bad things, let us accept ourselves!

– Milan Krajnc –

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In a time of rapid economic growth, more and more people are turning to us (in the company), primarily looking for answers to what needs to be done during this period. When we carried out an analysis of the personal profiles of these people, we discovered that they belong to the social elite. They are highly educated, belong to the richest and best positioned people in society.

After talking to them, we find that they are tired, angry with themselves, and most importantly, that they no longer know who they are and what they want, the world is falling apart… their self-confidence is gone.

We know two types of self-confidence: that which we create with the help of external factors and that which we build from within.

That which we create with the help of external factors depends on the level of education, on the material goods, on the status in society… it is tied exclusively to the outside world… This means that our well-being depends primarily on the environment. When others praise us, we will feel good, which means that we are constantly dealing with others. Let us almost forget ourselves!

At a certain point we forget ourselves completely because we are only concerned about what otherswill think. I will wear what will be beautiful in the eyes of others, I will go to a place where everyone will notice me, I will drive such a car that others will envy me… and then I will not see the enthusiasm on their faces, if I will not congratulate them, if they are better dressed than me, if they drive a better car
bomb, I will feel bad. If we tie our well-being exclusively to other factors that are not tied to ourselves, we get caught up in games that are staged by others, and we are the actors on their stage. We become completely powerless, dependent on others. After a while, we get tired… our self-confidence needs more and more confirmation, we have to be in the spotlight more and more… and now that the crisis has come, when we are running out of resources to be the best, our self-confidence is also in crisis.

In such a state we are looking for all possible ways to return to the state we were at our peak a few months ago. And so we discover that there is another self-confidence, one that is completely independent of external influences. And then we discover a whole new world, we begin to discover ourselves.

When a highly educated cadre loses self-confidence - Milan Krajnc

Most of these conversations end with the words: “But if nobody needs my services anymore, I will clean! If nobody needs your services any more, then nobody needs to clean. If you are at the top of a scale today, it means that you are an example and a role model for the masses. It means that you have a great responsibility to the public. Now you have the ideal opportunity to simply solidify your exterior with your interior.

We will see very quickly that we have no bad qualities, only some we did not like because others were uninteresting. We will see that we belong to the most wonderful ones. There is nothing in the whole universe more beautiful than myself. When we start to admire ourselves, no external “catastrophe” will
affect our well-being; we will always be wonderful.

At a time when we decide to meet ourselves, it is most difficult to take the first step. We do not know what to expect, we go into the unknown, even if we go inside. Have any of us ever happily gone to cleanse something that has not been cleaned for years? So a lot of dust has accumulated in us over the years!

The time ahead of us is actually a year of “cleaning”. Nature will purify itself with everything that disturbs its rhythm, society will purify itself with everything that disturbs its rhythm, we will purify the people in us with everything that does not fit our rhythm.

When a highly educated cadre loses self-confidence - Milan Krajnc

In the time when we were building up outer self-confidence, we forgot the world around us, sometimes we lost the rhythm. We no longer felt joy, we no longer felt sadness, we no longer heard what our neighbors were saying, we only felt pain when we were not praised, not confirmed. In fact, we could say that we have forgotten how to live.

We now have the opportunity to live again.

No, you do not have to learn to live, you just have to let go of the rhythm.

The coming months will show us that education is important not because of status, but because of the knowledge that strengthens our inner strength, our self-confidence. However, time will require a transformation of educational institutions, more knowledge about skills than about crafts. This status in society is important because of social responsibility and not because of beauty and wealth. This
material wealth is important… it is not important, it is important that I enjoy life, material goods will only be a logical consequence that we will have as much as we need to enjoy ourselves on the way to the goal.

And if you have a degree today, a doctorate, a good car, the whole world knows you, you don?t have to be ashamed. Be proud, it is not about yesterday, it is about today, about this moment, about the here and now. Be proud of yourself, be an example for others. Only with a positive example will you change the world.

Pay attention to what is happening around you, it does not matter if you feel great just because you eat in an elite restaurant. Maybe it is better or even the same if you eat salami in nature… I can quote the most recent example organized by Washington Post:

»The man sat down at the subway station and started playing the violin. It was a cold January morning in Washington. He was playing Bach’s Sixth Symphony, about 45 minutes. It was a crowded time, so about a thousand people passed by during that time, most of them on their way to work. After three minutes a middle-aged man walked by and noticed him. He slowed his pace, paused for a few seconds and then continued on his way. A minute later the musician received a dollar in his hat: a woman threw it at him and walked on without stopping. A few minutes later, someone leaned against the wall and listened to him, but soon looked at his watch and went on. He was obviously late for work. A 3-yearold
child was even more interested in him. His mother dragged him, but he managed to stop and see the violinist. Then the mother managed to distract him and the child kept looking at the violinist. Something similar happened later to a few more children, but without exception all the parents pulled them forward.

Within 45 minutes only six people stopped and listened to him for a while. About 20 people gave him some money and then continued on their way. He raised 32 dollars. When he finished and the music stopped, nobody noticed and nobody applauded.

Nobody knew that this violinist was Joshua Bell – one of the best musicians in the world. He played one of the most beautiful songs ever written on a $3.5 million violin. Two days earlier he had played in a sold out hall in Boston – and the average price for a seat was 100 dollars.

This is a true story. Joshua Bell played incognito in the subway station – and the event was organized by Washington Post as part of a test of ordinary people’s perception, taste and priorities.«

Do we accept beauty? Do we pause to admire it? Do we recognize talent in unusual circumstances? One possible conclusion: If we do not have time to pause and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing one of the most beautiful melodies ever written, do we think about how many other beautiful things in life we are and will miss? Unless we change our lifestyle. It is not only beautiful what is beautifully packaged!

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Intangible assets will now begin to come to the fore. We will begin to respect people who are expanding, loving, happy… But we must be careful not to go to the other extreme. If we were to drive a BMW now, we would have a motorcycle tomorrow, if we had a Dr. in front of our name that we would hide tomorrow … NOOOOOOOOOO, there should be no difference, there is nothing wrong with BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari… the cars were made in a fair way and from the heart, but the time and the way of life we have been involved in has made these brands something more, a status symbol. These brands are carried by cars that are safer and more comfortable than others, so we will continue
to drive them.

When we meet people who want to make changes from one day to the next, often after the first steps they want to take in new roles in life, suddenly material wealth is worth nothing, all their longtime friends are selfish and complacent! STOP !!!!!! You cannot go from one extreme to the other, others are as they are, we are important. It cannot be what we have built up for years, nothing valuable, now it will only get a different meaning. We will look at it with different eyes, it may not really matter to us anymore, but not only from one day to the next, every change takes time.

When a highly educated cadre loses self-confidence - Milan Krajnc

The coming period will take its time. If we change our habits today, it does not mean that we can prevent a crisis.

Every crisis brings changes, for some for the good, for others for the bad. (If you look at it from the good side, you can say that the changes will be good).

It is important to take time for life, the other is not important! Now we were too busy with others, if others did not accept us, we put on such a mask that they liked us. And then they danced to their music. We became the best players, we could win two Oscars every day.

Today is a new day! The desert is over! Let’s take off the masks! It’s over with the games! Now is the time to live.

We must stop playing if we want to get out of this crisis.

Someone once said that truth will set you free.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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