Where to invest money if the crisis is everywhere? In yourself! Milan Krajnc
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In a crisis, it is particularly important that we have a clear path and a clear goal and that we have communicated the strategy equally at all levels of the company.

If we do not have a goal and strategy, then it is now imperative that we develop one. At this point we cannot think about what we would like to do, but what we know best at the moment. This means that we must find all the reserves in the potential of the people in the company.

Who exactly caused the financial crisis? YOU ! Yes, you personally. Oops, you do not have to take all the responsibility, your neighbor is a little guilty too. Actually we are all to blame!

We wanted more and more, but we cannot have more than “is”. Let’s look at nature. There are more and more people on the earth; does this perhaps mean that the earth is getting heavier and heavier? No! It always has the same weight, because we turn a part of nature into living beings, feed ourselves and thus increase the human weight, and the total mass of the earth is always the same (if we ignore the weight of the cosmic bodies falling to the earth). So we cannot create more than it is. All we can do is arrange things.

Some have more, others less, or as the law of conservation of energy says: »We cannot destroy energy, we can transform it into another form!«

There is always tolerance, some space, dreams… that can be the cream on the cake of reality. However, dreams should not be over-inflated, because they burst like a soap bubble. And that is exactly what is happening now. The bubble has burst. We wanted too much of dreams, we lost touch with reality, which became clear with the financial crisis.

Now the laws of nature will also work in the financial flows. Those who know the natural currents will also survive or. become even stronger.

If we followed the crowd as they picked the fruit, we should not follow the crowd running headlong.

We must stay on our path. We must look beyond the current crisis. We should not look at the current situation, but follow the path that we mapped out before the current events. Perhaps we just need to slow down the pace of development and implementation, and everything else must pass us by.

Where to invest money if the crisis is everywhere? In yourself! Milan Krajnc

Responding in a business financial crisis is exactly the same as in a male-female relationship. Women are constantly testing whether they can rely on their partner, whether he is stable enough, selfconfident… by starting different games, or as we say, they lose their head, the ground under their feet is liquid… in this moment the man has to overlook and embrace the current situation, not get caught up in a pun, as this enters their game and loses credibility, trust starts to fade. It is also a female financial crisis, is not it? And now we all have to act like real men.

And real men will also survive the financial crisis.

The first condition is that we have a clearly defined goal and that we have communicated the strategy equally at all levels of the company. Our thinking should not focus on how we can reduce the number of employees or cut other costs. After all, we “never” know exactly what the necessary and unnecessary
costs are, who the key employees are.

We must first spread out the strategic plan and look to the future. Where we want to go. We must also follow the path we have mapped out. All we have to do is “revise” the timetable. We must reduce the speed of implementation or even speed it up in some steps.

The key in the current situation is a clear path to where we want to go! At this point we should not look at the problems that surround us and wait to see what will happen, but look ahead. This thought was confirmed to me with the saying: “If you are up to your neck in shit, do not bend your head!

If we have no goal and no strategy, it is now imperative that we develop it. At this point we cannot think about what we would like to do, but what we know best at the moment. This means that we must find all the reserves in the potential of the people in the company. So it is crucial to know the potential of the employees, who they are, what their characteristics are, how they react in crisis situations, where they are best, maybe there is something else they could do better than what they do now…

Where to invest money if the crisis is everywhere? In yourself! Milan Krajnc

This allows us to build the current strategy exclusively on the potential of our employees.

We must be aware that people can create a process and as such can improve it, and all this depends on communication with/between them. For the process to be “ongoing”, everyone must “speak” the same language and see the same goal. The management is the one who has to communicate the same goal at all levels of the company. Of course not all levels in a company speak the same language. Therefore, management must make every effort to be understood by everyone.

There is no such thing as a bad worker, there is a bad manager who did not know how to hand over the work or check whether the employee understood him.

We must realize that the best communication is an example. We always follow the example of the leader, so the leader must be the most stable. That is why the best investment for managers at the moment is personal growth, investment in themselves. Because when all material things fall, we are left alone. When the worst things happen in nature, nature always takes care of itself and does what is best for it.

We too end up alone, alone at the top. And who will take care of us then, if not ourselves.



The vast majority are convinced that this is the climax of a crisis, but those who know things well know that this is only the beginning of something great. Countries will now cover and cover some things through loans and nationalizations. However, the wave we have created through sham takeovers of
companies has not yet reached its strength.

This is not a “threat”, of course, but you can take the information as a warning. That is why, now that we are cutting costs, we must not exploit all our reserves to the full. The most important thing is to know where the reserves are when it comes to taking important steps.

In such a case, the manager who looks further must have a plan of all processes, showing all the critical points and ways in which there is still room for manipulation with time, manpower and resources.

In the coming situation only the strongest will be left.

  • Those leaders who know themselves.
  • Those companies that have clear goals and strategy.
  • Those processes that are precisely defined.

We find the solution in ourselves and in the natural flow of processes.

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Although it is in my nature to find myself perfectly at home in such situations and then lead the directors to success. But when I analyzed my work to see why my work was successful, I saw that I was still working as a teacher.

In a company where I come to solve different things, I create a kind of classroom where I teach the employees new organizations and different approaches, and my work is exactly the same as when I was teaching at school or at the Faculty of Education in Maribor. From there I received the title by which I am known to my followers today – TEACHER OF LIFE.

In the article you are reading right now, I am not praising the Faculty of Education, but I would like to emphasize that we are not aware of our primary path and our institution and that if we do not change our path, we do not see all the added value we receive for life. In comparison, I wanted to show the added value of a teacher compared to other professions. It is true that the teaching profession is
underestimated today, but we are largely responsible for the teachers themselves, because we do not know how to appreciate our work and ourselves.

Therefore, perhaps it would be necessary, especially in the process of teacher training, to add more self-confident ways to build this self-confidence from within each student, rather than through the status and obtaining a diploma.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com
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