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I have been living in my world for a long time, as some say. In fact, for so long I have concentrated only on exploring myself, discovering what I had inside me… that I did not notice anyone at all, not even those who lived next door to me and left to wait for me like at a bus station. People came to hang out with me and I was happy with their company, but they quickly became part of the inventory because they just were not interested in me too much. I was only interested in my world.

And now I have brought a lot of it into this real world, which is now reflected in the Dynamic Model of Leadership, in books, in schools… that all this is me. And only now have I begun to realize that other people also live in this world. That I am not alone in this world. Some people call it awakening, others call it enlightenment, others call it consciousness, but in reality I began to realize that three years ago I had been living in my depth (darkness) for too long and that this transition was taking so long.

Dinamični model vodenja. Milan Krajnc. Tiskana knjiga.

It is important that I was inside myself until I found this thread, why am I in this world at all, what is my way. and when I found it 3 years ago in New York because I missed a plane from Lima to Madrid. I felt him and I grabbed him and from this depth I slowly climbed over him and Dynamic Leadership Model was born.

Of course I did not care what was happening around me and I struggled with it all the time. Basically I was struggling with the environment. I learned from this that there is nothing wrong with being

imprisoned in my world for years and that there would be much less time if I did not deal with the outside world and I only prolonged this imprisonment because I felt safest there.

Well, now I am here in this world, I am not much in myself anymore, but I am present and sober here. Which was also my only goal this year.

The path is still going on, it is not over yet, but I am already more than halfway through it, so in most cases it is more light than dark. So out of politeness I apologize to everyone who did not notice that you were standing next to me, but I will not worry about it, because this is over.

Of course, in between, there were a lot of questions about whether I live, what I teach and develop… of course my apology was always… about the blacksmith mare. But now I realize that I could not live that, although I tried, because I was still developing things, and so now I will be able to understand more easily why others cannot live what they learn to live… because they are still developing. Those of you who do not have your own history and your own path will find it hard to understand. But imagine driving a car with no lights on… You will not see it for days until a policeman or outside observer asks you to.

Throughout my entire history, I should feel more uncomfortable because “I was not” interested in women. I was already interested, but I have not done anything since. So I got many comments that I had the same sexual orientation. The more I thought about it, the less it seemed possible, because I cannot even imagine being with a man… I still hug him tightly. So I made sure I waited properly. But it’s not exactly like that. I was fixated on myself for so long that I did not feel any need at all. I was sure it could be the testosterone showing zero on all testicles. And the injections did not help either. You can think of one man in 10 hormone-ridden women… who does not blink even when you touch him… well, that was me.

So then I gave up and just surrendered to the fate that this world just did not exist for me. that I have a thousand women… maybe on Facebook, otherwise I usually sleep with a computer when I fall asleep at work on a computer.

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When I set myself the goals of Dynamic Leadership Model, I wrote on my first litter that it reduces stress. So if we organize according to the natural method (DMV), the stress level is reduced. And in this way we can look at the environment more soberly. When I analyzed myself more closely, I realized that my problem was not testosterone, but libido. Basically, I am not up to the task of sexuality at all. Yes, because the libido is low.

So I apologize to everyone who did not give it to you. there is nothing wrong with you, it just was not me. I hope you have not been traumatized yet. If I have gotten even a little close to you, it means you are the most beautiful and attractive woman in the world. But I was just clumsy back then.
Even more so when I discovered all the factors that prevented me from being… I started to look into libido and found that the biggest problem was stress. And now that I have set up my life according to the method of Dynamic Leadership Model The level of stress has greatly decreased and everything else has increased

So dear man… this article is especially for you, there is no need for a woman to apologize for half an hour because everything was so short, but just organize your day differently so that you are not under stress.

And for now, welcome to the School of Dynamic Leadership for companies.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com
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