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For the first time, the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia perceived that it is necessary to make a social shift for serious change in the economy, as we cannot separate this, because people have one head, one body. And if we want to make shifts in the economy, we need to make a shift in all areas.

The dynamic leadership model is focused on successful leadership, provided that the leader and everyone in the business process put their personal goals first, and in the business environment in which they work and create, there must be support for these personal goals, otherwise there is no effect (but to know what our true personal goals are, we must first know ourselves). This is the concept of natural processes, from which the entire system of the Dynamic Leadership Model developed.

The idea was, nature would run the company in its own way. Because in nature everything always happens exactly when it has to and without manipulation, stress, time pressures … everything is logical and we accept everything. In the business world, with the Dynamic Leadership Model, we remove manipulation, duplication, develop employee potential, employees are happy to go to work … profits are created with creativity and without stress.

And, once we put ourselves first, then everything around us is no longer a burden to us, and we do what is the logical consequence for our development.

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