Business process as a musical symphony - Milan Krajnc
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There has been a lot of talk recently about the 6-hour workday, and yet this is too much.

After all, if we were better organized and took personal frustrations out of the work process, 4 hours a
day would be quite sufficient.

  • The work would be done much more efficiently.
  • Things would not be done twice.
  • We would work without stress.

It could basically be a work process, like a musical symphony. Imagine that the organizer of the work process would first of all organize the process on his own for as long as a composer presents the notes to get a perfect flow of music. The work process should be so smooth. Then the conductor gets his hands on the record, but he must bring this music to life with those who play each instrument. And then there is rehearsal and rehearsal until what the composer has written comes to life in the most beautiful sound, as perfect as nature itself.

So if you want to have a 4-hour working day, it would be a condition that everyone first prepares well to master themselves. Then he must know the work he is doing. Delo conductor oz. the director should coordinate all these “players”.

So if musicians can do this, why not do it in a company? Why cannot our company be like the best orchestra, why cannot we play the best symphony…

Business process as a musical symphony - Milan Krajnc

All this is possible, but everyone has to do what they feel, and the director’s job is to bring all this potential into the flow of the process without stress… some of you will say that it is not possible to fulfill all wishes… in a company wishes are not fulfilled, but it adds value to the potential of the individual. 

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And all this is possible according to the natural principle of leadership. As I write this next, I am listening to the Bach symphonies. Bach is considered the most perfect composer, he wrote perfect mathematics exactly as nature flows.

Dinamični model vodenja. Milan Krajnc. E-knjiga.

At the same time it means a higher culture of leadership and relationships. It means that we no longer come to work and wait to see what kind of work we get, but that we do exactly what is needed. First of all, it is necessary to set a personal goal before work, because then we will not seek refuge at work. That alone will change a lot. The company will have many more employees than it does now.

And all this can be achieved within the company with Dynamic Management Model.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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