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I’m not entirely sure if I have developed all my senses like the rest of most.

  • Namely, I see worse, which is known for being superficial and overlooking many things.
  • I hear worse, which shows that I don’t do many things when they order me because I haven’t heard at all.
  • I don't smell, I think I have one nostril completely covered with bone and then I very rarely praise how we give it to smell nice.

Of course, I wanted to “fix” all these senses with the help of doctors, but all the results are excellent, I should just have nose surgery… but somehow I don’t have that courage. Although I often looked for causes somewhere else, not in the physical body. Namely, many times I am removed to my own world and I am not interested in this outside world at all. Some say that I am absent and therefore superficial… that I really am, in this world, I am superficial because I am no longer interested in this world. I am not interested in the material world, I am only interested in what is felt, no longer in what is seen.

So I decided to help people just by helping them develop emotions to feel again, namely I found out after all the conversations that people no longer feel, they just live, after what others say. No one is aware of the moment anymore.

So lately when clients come to me, I mostly work on their feelings, and almost everyone has the same initial problem, they don’t feel it. Therefore, I use the following three exercises for leverage:

  1. Set 3 alarms on your phone and whenever it rings, ask yourself WHO I AM AND WHAT I FEEL, without giving yourself answers. Repeat this for 3 weeks, every day.
  2. Every morning, write down a wish for how you want to feel at the end of the day and then compare that feeling to the evening feeling. If there is a big difference, analyze the day, what were these activities that prevented your desires.
  3. For five people who are emotionally close to you, write down their positive and negative things. Then in 5 days, read as if they are all yours and those you can’t accept, surround them. Then read them again in three days… and we will talk about them over coffee.

All exercises are described in more detail in the book DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT MODEL, and an even more detailed description comes in the book ME.

I have been thinking for a long time about how to deepen the project I am setting up. So I shut myself down completely this year, some would say I was punished for not drinking any alcohol, not smoking cigars anymore… no pleasure. Namely, I wanted to have no more stimuli, but for all pleasures to develop from me.

Dynamic Leadership Model - E-book - Milan Krajnc

And so two childhood desires came out of me: Having my own restaurant in Monte Carlo and the peak of my creation will be reached when I write lyrics for French chanson (three lyrics are just being translated into French).

The bar will be used for conversations and art. Until the bar is fully set up, I will be discovering flavors in other bars while drinking coffee.

Namely, when I drop coffee on my tongue, some old memories come to me, I don’t even know if they are mine, or pictures of those who process coffee, pictures of landscapes where it grew… or just some universal pictures that illustrate feelings.

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I detect coffee first by smell…. although it is not supposed to smell, and then taste it with the tip of the tongue. So a new section is being born on my blog, a conversation over coffee. You’re welcome.

On the blog, I will write about the feelings that are born when drinking coffee, about how to develop emotions through artistic creation: songs, dance…

For the time being, the section will only be in Slovene and will remain so, but then it will slowly develop in other languages, English / French.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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