How can one spend time in Isolation? Milan Krajnc
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The period of self-isolation will not end so quickly. This means that our life habits will change completely. We will be limited to a few square meters and to certain people.

Perhaps even such a virus is “welcome” in a way, because the pace of life has become too fast, we have simply lost the compass completely, we have gone wild at such a speed that we no longer know who we are and where we are going. But now we are forced to calm down and stop. Even if we used to exercise regularly, our body is tired. This tiredness is hidden in our cells.

That is why it is important to get enough sleep first and to set a schedule or a new routine. After all, the most important thing is not to “dissolve”, but at the same time not to be too strict with ourselves.

This is an ideal time to focus on ourselves and find out who we are and what we want. Because life after the “crisis” will be completely different. We will become more aware and more aware of ourselves and our needs. Above all, we will begin to value our time.

Everything we have given at birth is time. And it depends only on us how we will survive it and with whom we will share it. And the less time we devote to ourselves, the harder it will be to feel ourselves at all.

It is important to exclude external information such as bad news in this time trenutku as much as possible and concentrate on yourself.

It is important to start to discover what you like. And when the crisis is over, continue with this “habit” when the possibilities are even greater. You will see that you like to discover yourself, especially through your eyes, that it is a story without limits, and so you will concentrate completely on yourself, on your energy, and the outside world will suddenly no longer interest you.

How to spend time in isolation? Milan Krajnc

How to begin?

After you have fallen asleep and rested. The period of calming down and resting lasts about 10 days, but if you say now I have to start doing something when I do not feel crazy. This is the right time to start working on yourself.

1. First of all you have to take care of your body. You must take the body like a machine. A machine that needs to be maintained regularly and supplied with energy. We must start to discover what our body likes. Not all sports are suitable for everyone. Now that you are limited in your movement, you can do this by familiarizing yourself with body stretching exercises and breathing exercises. In this way, you can make the body flow, there is no more energy accumulation causing nausea. At the same time you can start doing strength exercises, especially for your back and abdominal muscles.

Physical fitness is especially important because of the thought processes, because changing habits, fears, pain… these are all thought processes, and the more fitness we have, the easier it is to bear or to overcome.

Thinking processes are processes that take place in the brain, and the brain needs enough oxygen and fresh blood to function, which can only be achieved through movement. So it is important that when we say we are starting to work on ourselves, we start with the body.

When the crisis is over, we will start to think further and discover the sports we like. We do not have to practice just one sport all the time, how we change, how our needs change.

The most important thing here is to listen to yourself all the time, what you like. Do not do a particular sport because your friends like it, so that they are not
alone; or that you feel guilty because someone is running a marathon and you only go to dance practice twice a week… it’s important that you like it.

Even if it is about “fuel” for the body, it is important not to listen to others about what is healthy. It is important that each individual has what they like and what their body needs.

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2. The next step is the work on yourself or. personal growth is the discovery or. getting to know the intellect. Namely, that we need to give our brains something else to think about, not what we do all day. So there is nothing wrong with crosswords, video games, art studies… just to have something else to think about… the worst thing is to have TV, facebook, twitter… and other similar social networks. Because then someone else is thinking for us. 3. The next step is to discover our emotions. Emotions are not love, romance, art… but what entertains us, where we feel good… So love is just a reflection of discovering emotions. Emotions are really fun. So we have to start doing only what we like. But that does not mean that we only do one thing. But with what is available to us and what needs to be done, we do it the way we like it. Do not do things because someone told you to do them, do them the way you feel right, and have fun doing them. 4 The last step to discovering your personality is to discover your inner peace. What is it that calms you? Try meditation, prayer, knitting… Meditation or. the search for inner peace basically focuses on one thing until you no longer hear what is going on around you. And if you complete all four of these steps equally within ten days and do it regularly. This means that you will find the key to your balance, or in other words, to your inner peace. Namely, the inner peace that all people around the world are looking for is always within us, we just have to make it. In the order I have described to you, which should not take longer than half an hour per day, you will find inner peace.
Inner Peace - Milan Krajnc

However, the time you spend now should first be used to find out who you are and what you want in the first place. The most difficult part is the beginning. That is why I do not expect, and it is not even healthy if you start tomorrow. Start with an activity and then add slowly. Namely, that rapid change is the worst thing in our lives. That is why we can say that the time of isolation will basically be the time when we have to prepare for a new, better, more peaceful life that follows the crisis.

The time after the crisis will really be our time, which means that by establishing our inner peace we will create the conditions for our potential, our diamond, our value to shine in full light.

So let us take the time to calm down inwardly and be prepared for the time ahead. After all, the real crisis will only come when the health crisis is over. That is why it is important that we calm ourselves down now as much as possible, that we get to know ourselves, that we create a band of positive energy around us, so that
opportunities arise that correspond to our potential for the people we will be joining.

In times of crisis, the worst thing is to blame others for looking for all kinds of excuses; now it is important to look inside ourselves and see what we can make the best of all this, especially out of ourselves.

Above all, it is important to talk to the people you live with. Not to mention the weather and the crisis. But about emotions, about what you feel when you see and hear something. You can talk about how certain events remind you of certain colors, sounds… it’s important to start talking about what we really feel. Because all our lives we have been in a hurry and we have been in a complete denial of our primary emotions. However, through conversation and by balancing ourselves, we bring the primary emotions back to life.

Therefore it is important that we find security and this healthy self-confidence in ourselves again and that we open ourselves with our feelings to the world. We call this starting to watch with the heart.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
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