How to solve the crisis? How to get out of the problem and solve it? - Milan Krajnc
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When solving crises, the first step is the most important, if we make a mistake with the first step, it is better to withdraw immediately.

The crisis can be solved by those who are not burdened with the problem. That is why it is always advisable in companies to hire a crisis management team, a group of external consultants or a consultant to cut the “Gordian knot”, calm the terrain (communication, atmosphere, organization) and prepare the ground for a new organization. Then there must be a leadership or a guide to bring the new organization to life. This person is actually the new director.

Every day I hear the sentence: “How do I solve the crisis? The answer can be very simple when we know who caused the crisis. It is of course more difficult to solve. But the first condition we have to be aware of is that every crisis is solvable. The most difficult thing is to solve the crisis that we ourselves have caused. We make the biggest mistake when we start to solve the crisis that we ourselves have caused, because the result will be an even bigger crisis.

When we solve a crisis, we must not be narrow-minded, but must rise very high above the problem and always look at it globally or as a “big picture”. Only in this way can we begin to solve the crisis at the right end.

A former director (when we talk about a company) or a crisis manager can never run a company when it comes out of a crisis. Why? The former director’s behavior has brought the company into a crisis, which means that he must first change his behavior patterns if he wants to run the company in a different way (so that he can continue to run the company conditionally) if there is no new crisis. However, a crisis manager only knows how to solve crises, which means that when a company comes out of a crisis, it is no longer able to manage it, but can recreate a crisis so that it can solve it again.

How to get out of a personal crisis? "If you're up to your neck in shit, don't bow your head!" - Milan Krajnc

If we are the ones who caused the crisis and still want to lead the company forward (especially if we are the owners of the majority capital in that company), we have to change the patterns of behavior that caused the crisis in the company. This can be done during the restructuring of the company. In this way, the company and the director are “rehabilitated” at the same time.

First, the director must learn to get out of the problem. This means looking at himself and the company as a third party. Because while he is working in a company, the director starts to look at the company as one of his body organs and no longer pays attention to the mistakes that occur.

Short exercise:
Let’s try to imagine that our image is sitting opposite us and consider it as a third person, a person we do not know, and slowly start to describe it. What do we see in her, what do we think about her clothes, her attitude, her facial expression, what do we think about her life goals, what does she expect from the day, how does she feel, how does she react in certain situations… in short, as you have
already noticed, we gradually shift our attention to other areas as we get to know ourselves in other ways. Such a conversation should last at least 30 minutes, several days in a row. After this time we will be very clear, and above all it is advisable to change the daily place. Of course, we will not solve the crisis overnight in this way, but we will gradually begin to recognize the real problems and their causes, i.e. we will gradually be able to begin to eliminate them. However, the process may take too long, so I advise you to seek an external consultant or therapist.

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If I do a recap. If you feel that something is going wrong, or if your colleagues, close, business partners are dissatisfied, stop the regular activities, but do not make any drastic changes at this point, but we need to take time to think and get out of the problem. If heaven is successful, seek outside help. Remember that any crisis is solvable, even if it seems impossible at this moment.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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