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Entrepreneurs could be compared to hunters who "once" hunted for food for their families.

The hunter took a spear in the morning and went hunting, and what he shot, his family ate, about the same as the entrepreneurs, except that their hunting ground is now a market. Hunters must always be well trained, especially in these days when the hunting ground has shrunk, although the prey is still sufficient, but it is necessary to be faster, stronger and more resourceful. Therefore, entrepreneurs must be trained more and more.

The winner today is the one who is in the best psychophysical condition.

In the past, entrepreneurs did not put much emphasis on personal development, but only developed the business. Today, a good business idea and a good product do not help if potential investors, buyers, do not see it holistically, together with the person who represents it. If they do not see consistency and do not believe in who represents them, it is very unlikely that they will buy them. Coherence is not just about “believing in an idea”, but above all about the appearance of the person who represents it. I am not talking about the dress and the hairstyle, but the expression on my face. Eyes and face should express stability, serenity, but at the same time enthusiasm and faith in the product. It’s not something you can learn, it’s something we have inside us… but the art is that we know how to show it and how to preserve it. But because it all comes from us, it means that we must first preserve ourselves.

Today, in the business world, the most important thing is that we have "space in our head", free for judgment, creativity and clear thinking.

Or as they say, if we are already present at the meeting, we should still be sober. In the whole mass of information, it is very difficult to focus on one particular piece of information, but here we must not have any excuse for not being different or for being overwhelmed, but we must ensure that we can always be present, even sober.

That we are not always “sober” is due to the psychological garbage that accumulates in our subconscious when we store unnecessary information or deal with things that are not absolutely necessary.

We can think of it as an archive, where we keep documents where there is room. At the same time these documents are needed daily by somebody else and then are translated constantly and lost for hours to find the right ones … as you can imagine our subconscious.

It is therefore important that we establish a regular flow of information. In our life we stop too often or… we stop and so the “garbage” begins to accumulate. We can imagine it in such a way that the flow of a stream, when the current is flowing, is clear and drinkable, when it is dammed up, it becomes a puddle that with time takes on a bad smell and taste, and when it stands too long, it already stinks.And that is our life, if we do not move out of the city, we soon will be…

That is why it’s important to be on the move in life. We must take care of our body, our intellect, our emotions and, as they say, our soul.

When we entrepreneurs develop an idea, we are constantly active within ourselves. We almost forget our wishes and physical needs. This leads to stress, which leads to a worse business and financial situation, to a personality crisis and finally to illness.

Physical activity is important for Business Success - Milan Krajnc

Entrepreneurs have to “get out” of the problems we solve at a certain point in time, otherwise we are part of the problem, and we never solve them, at best we only magnify them. The best solution to “get out” of the problem is physical activity, which must be very dynamic.

First of all, it is determined with the entrepreneur which exercises he can do or if there are any harmful ones according to his physical constitution, and then he gradually starts activities, i.e. a combination of e.g. walking uphill, cycling and tennis or swimming, running and badminton, all over a period of one week.

The physical activities themselves are very different, depending on the individual, the environment and the type of work. However, we should never exaggerate or start a different way of life overnight.

When I describe the case of a well-known entrepreneur who has spent most of his time in his office and in his car and has now started a family. Two years later he found out that his family was not satisfied with the relationship or. with him because he spends too much time at work and when he is at home he is usually tired.

Since I was already working in the company to change communication and leadership, he also confided his personal problem to me. Together we quickly realized that he was lacking above all in physical condition and mental concentration. Together we decided to change his lifestyle.

Since he had not done any sports before and climbing stairs was exhausting for him, we gradually started to do so. We did the same with his diet, because it was important to him that he was doing well, regardless of the contents. We could not change our diet overnight either. We decided to change our diet gradually. At first, his business secretary placed a bowl of fruit on his desk, which he began to eat little by little, and a jug of water, as he had not drunk any water at all before.

Twice a week he did 20 stomach exercises and 10 push-ups in the morning. The changes must have been almost imperceptible, but they had to crawl slowly under his skin. Today, after 10 months, he goes to Šmarna gora twice a week, plays tennis with his friends once a week, and in his life there is almost no more meat, alcohol or cigarettes… and above all, he gets enough sleep. So after 5 months of
working together he told me that he and his wife get along perfectly and that his family has become more than just a business.

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The changes were minimal and escalated. Nothing was violent, so there was no resistance. And it’s on the latter that we make the biggest mistake, if we want to lose weight overnight, build muscle…nothing happens overnight. The slower we go, the faster we cross the finish line.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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