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Lately I have noticed that more and more directors are opting for various plastic surgery procedures to look younger. More and more people are afraid of their age, of their transience. However, I notice that they work with "artificial" means, i.e. they work for a short time and then they are repaired again and again and in the end they are not even similar to themselves.

At first I also thought that this was the only way to rejuvenate, until I met experts who do this naturally, and saw that with certain techniques and procedures we can indeed remain “eternally” young.

In the company itself it is the same, and I am not talking about employees, but about processes. It is important that we constantly renew, update and optimize the process. But we do not renew the process only by replacing “machines”, but above all by the way the management is conducted, by developing the potential of the employees, by the culture in the company.

The company must be vital at all times.

If we make a comparison between a man and a company, what does rejuvenation mean?

When we take care of our psychophysical condition – sports, nutrition, mental health, emotional balance, peace of mind… – we are internally stable, calm and few things can get us out of the way, and this is also the basis for a healthy body. However, we cannot stop the aging of the body, but we can stop the aging of memory, brain, consciousness and thinking.

It is the same in the company, we must constantly look after the well-being of our employees, but not by being lazy, but by promoting their potential and by constantly being under positive stress. We must ensure good communication, we must constantly check that we understand each other, and we must update processes and technology.

If we want to do this in a way that ensures success and a high employee culture, we have to do it naturally.

By means:

  • to encourage employees not to manipulate,
  • to treat our complexes not on others but with ourselves,
  • to give employees the opportunity to find solutions themselves,
  • to give them the freedom of choice and accountability...

It’s the same with us personally.


  • drink enough water to keep the body (skin) moist at all times,
  • to eat food and natural extracts that contain sufficient vitamins and minerals,
  • that we have a balanced hormone balance at all times,
  • not to be exposed to the sun,
  • not to use "artificial" cosmetics,
  • to use as many natural materials as possible for clothing.

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We can be young in our mind and in our body for a very long time if we behave in a friendly and healthy way.

It’s the same in the company, we have to be in full form all the time to be able to adapt to trends. Therefore, it is not always good to say that a company has a long tradition, because maybe it still does everything according to the methods of that time. Companies with a tradition must emphasize and prove their vitality.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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