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The Shiekh Zayed Peace Award



More and more young people are aware of their roots and that their past leaders have laid the healthy foundations of the country. This feels especially good in Asia, which has long been oppressed by Europe.

Now Asian countries are taking the lead in the world. They were the first to become aware of sustainable living.
Thank you to the young people who realized that with Dynamic Modena Leadership, they can put their country back on track.

Thanks for His Highness Peace Award during the Shiekh Zayed Peace Award ceremony on 12th February, 2022.

If you want to change the Council, do not change the Council. – Milan Krajnc

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Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Milan Krajnc: pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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