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LIFE ENERGY flows through everything and everyone on this planet; the most primal, immaculate one, which is reflected as inner happiness and contentment and triggers a deeper understanding of oneself.

If we open ourselves to it, we are in perfect harmony with ourselves, and this also has a beneficial effect on everyone around us. Whoever opens himself to REIKI opens himself to life energy. Reiki is the birthright of everyone born into this world.


Nowadays, we often feel the exact opposite – a lack of life energy; we are trapped in stress, haste, an unhealthy lifestyle, in our own limiting beliefs and fears that prevent energy from flowing freely through our body. This can eventually severely weaken our system, leading to disease as a result.


The basic law of nature is balance, in the psychophysical sense it means health, so the universe “provided” us with REIKI – a system of healing by laying on of hands, remote healing using the life force that is within ourselves and in everything we live.


At the beginning of the future reikist awaits the so-called tuning of the I. level. This puts reiki into action. Then there are the II. and III., and in some versions especially the master’s degree. With each of them, the reiki practitioner progresses, and his healing abilities increase.

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Reiki is intended for self-healing as well as healing other people, animals, plants, spaces, the planet, that is, everything that exists. We do this by placing our palms on the recipient or consciously sending energy through the mind, thus giving the healing flow a free path. Even if we send reiki 5,000 miles away, it still works because the energy knows no time and space; Reiki symbols are also available to us, each of which has its own specific properties that further increase the effectiveness of the therapy.

Reiki energy reaches very deep, it heals not only the physical level, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual. It penetrates to the very causes of disease and trouble. It effectively releases trapped emotional energy, helps to resolve harmful thought patterns, relieves disease symptoms on the physical body (heals wounds and injuries extremely quickly), helps to resolve relationships, in short, we can say that it fully supports us in our development. This also means that after the therapies, due to the effects, we may be forced to change our current lifestyle, face our fears and take greater responsibility for our health. A lot depends on ourselves, and reiki is a great help in everything.


Usually people in a reiki session describe different feelings; heat, cold, tingling as well as pain can trigger restrained emotions such as sadness, anger, a sudden attack of laughter or crying. Some feel reborn, while in others the state of consciousness changes considerably and takes quite some time “to come back”. Many times, however, both the client and the therapist experience a feeling of “higher” connection as a result of a strong healing charge.


It is said that reiki is the birthright of everyone born into this world. So it’s not something you should learn. It is already inside us and we already master it well. As we moved away from our true nature, we forgot about it, and now perhaps an inner desire, perhaps a situation, is forcing us to rediscover its true value. It is a tool that helps us to more easily get in touch with our higher self, which is in itself a “great healer”.

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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