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My thoughts are increasingly turning to the situation in Slovenia. I’m dealing with what an anomaly we live in and when I watched the Studio City show on Monday, I can say that the show was a real revelation. As if the question confirmed it to me: “Is Slovenia a state governed by the rule of law at all? Does Slovenia even formally exist legally? Should its existence be verified before the Constitutional Court? "

Namely, I always wanted to make an analysis of how many laws are current in Slovenia or. how many are based, on the right basis… and how many decisions have destroyed thousands of lives due to misinterpretation. Just because the law says so. A law that doesn’t really apply at all!

This voice and anger is getting stronger in me and when I followed the last messages of the Slovenian leaders, I saw that this is exactly what they are saying and then I wonder if they are also chosen correctly as leaders?

In these days, which are primarily intended to calm down and to turn to ourselves, not to rage, headless parties, to become even more alienated from myself, I have also delved deep into myself, but not so much into my needs and desires , but there very deep, in that voice that has been loud since ancient times. A call for battle, for rebellion. I started to tackle this gradually, namely I am still in the phase of preparation, for deepening in myself.

Last weekend, I finished the year-round “therapy only”, where I wanted to prepare for life in an instant.

The process has been long and arduous as I have removed from my life all distractions of feelings that want to divert attention from my true nature like sugar, cigars, alcohol… especially in recent days, these feelings have been very much alive and I have seen it all what previously seemed unimportant to me. And now all of a sudden I find this the biggest pain, but in reality it was here all the time, I just didn’t see it, so it couldn’t hurt. However, now that I am aware of this, I can also correct and make it so that it will support my personal goals.

Well, I ended the process by visiting the Pyramids, which were discovered near Poreč in Croatia. But these pyramids were not necessarily made for living, they were made, like a station, for someone who is not necessarily from this civilization of ours. I find that we have a feeling that we are eternal. And far from it. Living beings also have their evolution, and just as we were created, we will disappear one day and maybe some similar civilization will come… and these pyramids are remnants, some other civilizations. If we want to understand it, we will have to think differently, with different patterns. These are not traps or communication channels with other civilizations… they are just rubbish like we leave behind every day.

So I stood on the pyramid of Sirius, whose name has accompanied me for the last 20 years. I did not invent this name myself, but someone who was in my Heart at the time and I now say goodbye to him.

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And at that moment I also met a book or a call… The Kingdom of the Old Slovenes of Dubrovnik and the Mljet Abbot Mavr Orbini was first published in 1601. It describes the origin of almost all peoples who spoke Old Slovene. It also describes their many and varied conquests in Europe, Asia, and Africa, the development of their kingdoms, their ancient beliefs, and the period of their Christianization. The name (old) Slovenes is relatively young and our ancestors had many other names before that. All Old Slavic peoples spoke a single language; this is the crowning proof that they all come from the same lineage, namely, Japheth, the eldest son of Noah. Therefore, the history of our ancestors can be traced back to the time after the last space dive, as did Orbini. The Vatican banned the book two years after its publication and included it in its list of banned books, as it proves too precisely and clearly the dominance of the old Slovenes, these descendants of the first people, from the Bronze Age onwards, and also clearly states that In the middle of the first millennium, the old Slovenes occupied our places, the locals there spoke the same Old Slovene language!

It was translated into Slovene this year by Peter Amalietti, and so I actually got an insight into the old psychological patterns of our nation that I deal with.

I myself deal with psychological patterns from early childhood that influence business decisions.

While in my doctoral dissertation I was looking for a solution so that the Mayor with his personality would not have too much influence on the development of the municipality he leads. Mainly because they put themselves in the role of the absolute leader. Not here now to keep in mind Ljubljana and its mayor. He had to come as a knight to wake her. But now that she’s awake, she has to move on.

In my research work, I proposed a solution to separate the setting of the strategy of the municipality from the current government, so that the nation or. the local community itself… more in the book Dynamic model of management of local administrative systems.

Pyramid SIRIUS - Milan Krajnc

Now, as I read these more than 400-year-old records dating back a few thousand years, I see that in fact it was sometimes the case that a nation chose its leader, but they did not expect the leader to create their own destiny. , they always had it in their hands.

So now all these records only confirm to me that it is necessary to revive the forgotten knowledge and transfer it to the current time, because in this way we will primarily revive our code record in the DNA that re-awakens, that our true nature.

So now I see that the Dynamic Model of Leadership, in fact, is the one that awakens the forgotten nature that brings us back to ourselves, from where we come from.

In the book Kingdom of Old Slovenes, I see that we were once born Warriors and this is in fact our code record. The key to the code record, however, I now see in the Dynamic Control Model. The Knights will slowly wake up and reawaken the Slovenian nation. And not into war, but into life.

If I look at it so logically, I could say that we Slovenes really have a Warrior in us and that we have to fight all the time if we do not fight for a clear goal, we fight with ourselves (depression). And if we weren’t warriors, we wouldn’t be able to exist as long, given the size we are.

This confirms my model from my doctoral dissertation so that I can transfer the same to the regional and national level and our primary CODE will be activated.

Now it is also clear to me that I did not come from SIRIUS, but from somewhere much further, but I am still looking for my home.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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