Corruption, a reflection of the leadership of the state - Milan Krajnc
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I have been dealing with the psychology of leadership for more than 20 years, and above all the causes of successes and failures. In doing so, as an entrepreneur and researcher, I develop methodologies that enable success. However, not success at any cost, but success that arises on the basis of potentials. Thus, I am developing the scientific science of Dynamiology, which actively studies living processes and phenomena in the connection between man and nature. Previously, I have already substantiated the business methodology Dynamic management model based on the laws of natural order. In short, I want to encourage the development of people’s potentials, or as they say in general language, the light of people.

We make the biggest mistake in our society to create a non-motivational work process, and not just financially, especially communication and interpersonal relationships. And then, instead of setting up services and offices to help and encourage, we create repressive bodies, we send inspectors like scarecrows around, instead of like mentors.

And all these measures are in fact fostering corruption in the state administration. Even though we want to do as much as possible, to a fair society. In reality, this forced honesty, just killing what little healthy is left.

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So if we really want to solve corruption, we need to change the way we work and, above all, the attitude towards employees. In reality, we must not deal with corruption at all, but with relations and the way we work, and above all, we must establish a healthy work environment.

What does a healthy environment even mean?

Where there is a clear goal, a job, and where a person has a formed personal goal to know why he or she is in a particular job at all. And after almost 20 years of active cooperation with the municipal and state administration, I can only confirm that… there are no clear goals. When there is no clear goal, a theme is born in us and everything related to it… also corruption. However, no one who thinks soundly is targeted by a corrupt act. This means that whoever is involved in corruption has been forced into it by the system. Because a healthy system is designed to encourage satisfaction among employees, and a bad system encourages satisfaction through corruption.

So who is to blame for corruption, the one who exploits it, or the one who runs the system?
Thus, we can look for the culprit indefinitely, so it is important to stop using energy to persecute, but to create a healthy – stimulating process where corruption does not exist at all.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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