Kako živeti v karanteni, da se mi ne zmeša? Milan Krajnc
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During quarantine, people react very differently to the situation. Quarantine is a kind of “captivity“, a restriction of freedom, which means that human nature first responds that it must defend itself, protect itself.

Most often, this “function” is activated when we meet someone anew or find ourselves in an unusual situation. At that moment, all the “sensors” “open”, which means that the body prepares for the attack and all the adrenaline is at its peak. If it is not actually an attack, we can use these moments for the part when we say that we have to believe in our intuition, first impression, or. sometimes in life we say to ourselves why I didn’t trust myself, that’s exactly how it was in the end, the way I felt in the beginning.

This “standby” lasts max. 90 seconds. This is a time when our sensors operate without “jammers”. This is the time when we see everything realistically! After 90 seconds, the jammers turn on again and our picture of the situation blurs.

I apologize for jumping a little from topic to topic, but I’m stringing together the facts and now I’m going to slowly start connecting and explaining.

Let’s go back to the birth of how a person’s personality develops.

Immediately at birth, we do not yet have a formed personality; (we bring with us, some potentials in DNA), but it has the greatest impact on its design education and the example of the environment in the first 6 years.

The child learns by observation by observing what is happening to the environment, how our authorities (the people who educate us) behave towards themselves. If these people live what they feel, then the children will also be allowed to live what they feel (the development of potentials that we have transmitted through DNA). If they live with prohibitions, then the child gets a “forced” life scenario, according to which he will have to live – so we start living someone else’s life, and this in early childhood.

The gap between potential and the new life scenario is called complexes, demons, darkness, psychological problems… countless names exist for this gap.

Because this life scenario is forced and not from the one who lives it, this life scenario has to get its food from somewhere in order to live. We often call this as if someone else lives inside us. And this “other person” needs food, but only mentally because it doesn’t physically exist. This other person needs food from where it came from, that is, from the outside world. He gets this food in such a way that he needs constant attention, confirmation, that there is, we call it today, the EGO. This attention can be very different, perhaps as successful in business, sports, or in constant conflict, victim… People in such people often see only success, not everything else. Those who are in direct contact with them, however, experience everything sooner than beautifully than those who see them in a flash. Namely, these people are largely successful for others, but themselves are mostly unhappy. And if we look at the society we live in, we are all successful in some way, but very few are happy.

How do I live in quarantine so I don’t get mad? Milan Krajnc

And now the story of quarantine begins…

We are lonely. We took this to a large extent, as a holiday where after a week we get tired of each other or ourselves. After 14 days, however, he is slowly starting to run out of psychological food, this other person, this life scenario, so now he needs new or stronger food. To a large extent, this can be alcohol or. other intoxicating substances, which are present all the time, but now the amount is increasing, and so the symptoms of “forced abstinence” come to the fore, even if we have all this at our disposal. This virtual person is slowly starting to come from our subconscious to our real world.

We often hear that we will now show our true face, but in reality the process of liberation is just beginning. Namely, this forced solitude is a great time of cleansing and symbolically there are also Easter holidays where we celebrate the resurrection… but maybe by then we will get rid of all our burdens and be born again, completely liberated. It will not be the same, because it is not possible to make a transformation in such a fast time, but there is enough time to make a fundamental shift.

Well and now from here, that is, from the third week of quarantine, you can decide for yourself which direction you are going or let the demons completely defeat you, or take life into your own hands and become the master of yourself!

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Now I will not write what can happen to you, but I assume that you will take life into your own hands and we will now look for solutions.

Observing natural phenomena in the laboratory, I saw how seven phases always happen; when an element changes structure or energy gets a higher frequency, a step back is no longer possible. So we can no longer establish the original structure of the material or. return the lower frequency to the energy. I noticed the same thing in changing psychological processes and saw what quantum leap means in nature and what it means in psychology.

In internal development, we call a quantum leap the moment when we notice a profound and final shift in feeling and behavior. Then we realize that something has changed forever.

A quantum leap is basically making a solid decision. But decision-making is extremely important for human life. We make 35,000 decisions every day. That means we go through these seven steps 35,000 times a day, and we’re not even aware of them.

Occasionally it happens that we do not perform any of the seven steps and thus get stuck in place. That’s when we get the feeling that we’re spinning in a circle, which can take years. Thus, on the basis of all observations and a good knowledge of natural phenomena, I developed a method that I called Serious Personal Transformation.

I will not describe the phases themselves in detail, because they are already described in great detail in a 1000-page book entitled I.

  1. The first step is tidying up. When we put things away, we see where we are and what it is that we need at all.
  2. Then in the second step we remove everything that is not ours or. which we think no longer belongs to us. In life we feel this as salvation, relief, we have the feeling that we have experienced enlightenment. In fact, we just made room to get fresh energy. If we do not take steps forward quickly at this stage, we will get even heavier burdens than we had until then.
  3. Therefore, in the third step, we need to think about what brought us here and what we want, what to fill this empty space with now, but this empty space may be enough for us. So we need to arrange all the rest of the things so that we have a sense that we are in balance.

    However, feelings of excitement begin to fade and a feeling of anxiety begins… We begin to think about how much time, energy, money… we have lost… At the same time we say where I have looked so far, I was blind… and similar regrets.

  4. In the fourth step, we set a new goal.
    Where do we want to go next, but based on new feelings and new insights about ourselves. There is still anxiety here, a bad conscience that we are going to betray someone now because we have to move on. Therefore, intense physical activity is needed for the body and brain to get enough oxygen to go through all the psychological effort more easily. Although we are slowly setting a new path, the energy of old habits is still very much present and it is pulling us back, so we need to be in good physical condition to be able to beat all these voices.

  5. In the fifth step, we are intensely faced with giving up old habits.
    Here we usually change society… Almost anything that hinders us from expressing our own will. It depends, of course, on what stage of transformation we are carrying out and in what area. While we may be able to make a small change, such as quitting smoking, this solves 100 other subconscious congestions. The fifth phase is the most intense, but we already feel relief within ourselves, even though we have a feeling that there is a storm around us.

  6. In the sixth step, we set a new path.
    In the sixth step, we say that the sun shines after every rain, as we begin to set our way to the desired sensations. Here, calls from the past are barely audible. So in a way we are already walking a new path.

  7. Step 7 – A new path.
    In the last step, we introduce the new path almost entirely into our entire life, where we no longer have the feeling that we have changed anything, even though our surroundings tell us how different we are. We ourselves often do not notice these changes because we are inside what is happening, and the environment sees a big change. We ourselves feel the changes much earlier, but when we calm down completely in the last phase, we don’t really know what it was about anymore, even though it was yesterday.

    We need to go through these seven steps to get rid of the second life scenario. However, it is necessary to be aware that this transformation is a very strenuous physical process, so we must take care of recreation, now in quarantine it can be abdominal, back exercises, stretching, breathing exercises…

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com
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