How to heal with thoughts? Milan Krajnc
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For a long time I wrote columns for the newspaper DNEVNIK with the title The Power of Thinking, but at that time I was not aware of what I was writing. The aim was to explain how we influence our business success, the organization with our inner self...

Now, as I put more and more emphasis on natural solutions and use physics as a tool in business consulting and solutions, it becomes more and more clear to me how the world really works. I used to do this intuitively, but now I do it systematically and holistically.

 Let’s look at an example: If you are now reading this article on the phone, it means that you are holding something “hard” in your hand. And if you look at this phone under a microscope, which is so strong that it falls to the level of atoms,
the phone… What you would see – nothing. We would get the answer that a telephone is nothing but a union of atoms connected by very strong energy. Basically, a telephone is energy at a certain frequency.

 And if we now read all the research of atomic physicists or, more modernly said, quantum physicists, who say that everything is energy, that everything has its frequency, or in everyday language they say that everything is vibration. We can say that our thoughts are also energy. And, as Martin Kojc said 100 years ago, “the material world is a reflection of our thoughts”, which means that we can influence our environment with our thoughts.

So if everything is energy, then the energy of man is also energy! Then we can write two statements:

  1. man can develop in the way he wants (in psychotherapy this is confirmed by the “Theory of Choice” – everyone decides on his own actions)!
  2. man is immortal (the physical law of energy says that energy cannot be destroyed, we can only transform it into another form)!

*- it might be a little bit more difficult to understand, but I try to explain the unknown in familiar language.

Let us look at the example of water. Water is formed from ice when we add energy to the ice and the temperature rises. If we continue to add energy, the water turns to steam… If we are observers, we can basically only conclude that it has turned into steam because we can no longer see it, we can only feel it until it spreads out in space, then we feel more, we will no longer feel it… but we know that this “water” is always somewhere, even if we do not see it.

So we are still in physics, we are still in physics, we are still in understandable explanations. And what is true for ice and water, of course, is true for humans. If a person succeeds in increasing his energy significantly, it is logical that the moment comes when he becomes invisible. This has nothing to do with mysticism or magic, but with physics. If such a person is invisible, it means nothing else than that he has transformed his material body into another energy and that death does not exist. The idea that death exists is an extremely materialistic view of
the things we have surrendered to and the consequences of which we now have to live.

How to heal with thoughts? Milan Krajnc

So man is energy, then we can change these energies at will. The question is, how?

 The answer is simple: Through our thoughts. Let’s try it.

  1. We think about love.
  2.  Let us think of hate.

How do you think about a particular thought? And it is thoughts that cause us different feelings that directly affect the “physical body”. So we can say that illness is nothing but a disharmony of energy. So it is quite obvious that such a disharmony can be influenced by different energies or. in this case we
are talking about frequencies or. So if we only change the way we think, we will also be healed by thinking. We can help ourselves through music, colors, smells… anything that affects how we feel. These insights are not so new. Novalis (1772), the great poet and mystic of the Romantic era, said succinctly: “Every illness is a musical problem.” So the problem of vibrations. If logic and physics tell us
already, we can treat diseases with thoughts.

It’s all a question of energy, and with it, vibrations. For example, we can think of man as a musical instrument. Music and sounds as we know them are also vibrations. If the instrument is not aligned, it produces disharmonic tones. So the human being is an uncoordinated instrument that constantly produces disharmonic tones, which means: aggression, conflict, resentment…

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Because often, since we cannot change our thoughts, because “black” thoughts keep coming up to us, we need external stimuli such as the music, colors, smells mentioned above… Even more, our own words, positive affirmations, which help us. We say it loud and give our thoughts a different frequency, a different energy, a different vibration and we can slowly come into balance or. let us build up an energy harmony.

Maybe I have gone a little too far, but basically I just want to show you a breadth that you do not see. It is really about your life, which you can influence anytime and anywhere. Namely that your decision at a certain point in time is your reality and nothing else, because everything else is a limiting belief.

Do not look for help from magicians, slogans… because everyone will only predict the kind of future you feel at that moment. It is important to change your way of thinking, you need to create energetic harmony. And this is what nature teaches us, or. a basic first year physics textbook in elementary school.


To sum up: Take care of the body first, then the intellect, emotions and soul; if they are equally satisfied within 10 days, you will be in balance. This is what the principle of Dynamic Leadership Model teaches. It is all in your mind. Put yourself in the first place and everything will happen.


You can also heal cancer!

Recently, several people who have cancer have come to me. I cannot cure it for them, but I could have advised them on how to change their attitude that this psychological food for “cancer” is no longer there. Miracles do not happen overnight, we have to prepare for them with a different way of thinking. And when we are ready, a miracle will also happen.

* – WARNING: as soon as cancer appears, a systemic approach is needed, which takes into account not only the way of thinking but also medicine.


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