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It’s all in our heads!

The power of our thoughts has a decisive influence on our body and our environment. The breakthrough in thinking was achieved years ago with the book “The Secret”, which talks about the universe being an energetic whole with us. Because everything is connected, we can send our wishes into space and they will come true for us. The most important message of The Secret is that we can take our lives into our own hands, but at the same time it means that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, and that it is time to stop making excuses for others.

As people became aware of the power of thought, a purification, the removal of false and unrealistic things, was triggered. We have called this a crisis, and given the prophecies that 2012 will be the end of the world, I can say that the cleansing will take two more years, the relationship between the negative and the positive will collapse and the positive side will prevail. There will be slander, envy, sedition and the like, which is the basis for anger, violence and war.

Book of Secrets; It's all in our heads - Milan Krajnc

It is necessary to build the inside of a person

The mystery has united the energy of those who point to the need to focus on the human being, on the desires and needs of his heart, on the need to build up the inner self of a person. Building on the ego and the exterior of an individual proved to be a mistake when things built on unrealistic foundations began to crumble. People realized that they have to make their own decisions about their lives and not be led. The process started when people started to think mainly about themselves, to reflect on themselves, and this shows that the time of collective responsibility is coming to an end – the time of responsible society is beginning.

However, because of the psychological garbage we do not put many of our ideas into practice. Even if a person is born “pure” into this world, because he is like an indescribable piece of paper, through upbringing and through the example of his parents, he imposes a series of psychological garbage that prevents him from fulfilling his wishes, i.e. his potential. Let us only remember how our parents told us what we should not do, what we should demand, what others think…

Thus, at the age of three, the individual’s nature is “dirty”, and then the garbage is just piled up and piled up. And if we send our wishes from such an essence into space, they can be fulfilled for us in a completely different form than we wanted. This means that we must first clear our minds if we want the only energy in the universe to help us fulfill our heart’s desires.

Cleaning should be carried out systematically

But cleaning is anything but easy and not fast. However, it is possible if it is carried out according to a tried and tested model. Just over a year ago I started the process of reorganization in a company whose owner has been in a wheelchair for sixteen years due to a car accident. In a conversation about
the causes of the crisis in the company, I told him that it was caused by key people in the company, but he put them in this situation himself, which means that he himself is responsible for the situation. And if he eliminates the key factors for the crisis, he is also personally relieved and can put his feet back on the ground.

At first he laughed at me in disbelief, but the results were soon visible after he started to set clear goals and make decisions with a strong will. Some employees left, the climate in the company improved, and the company’s turnover began to grow as it had more and more satisfied customers.

At this time he too began to feel a tingling in his legs and the hope of being able to go back. But because he experienced both business and personal disappointments years ago, for which he blamed himself, an excessive psychological strain kept him in a wheelchair. He could not gather enough strength to walk, so we combed through all his psychological barriers and made a plan together to overcome them.

I guided him through the psychological cleansing on both a business and personal level, and the strength in his legs became more and more pronounced. And when he removed the last psychological barrier just over a week ago, he had enough strength to get out of the wheelchair and back on his own feet under his own steam. That night, he called me and he said, “I am standing.”

The real power of our life is in our heads, and it is up to us to use it and live according to our possibilities and heart’s desires. And if we want to be successful in business, if we want our company to do well despite the rapid changes, and if we want to be successful as key personnel in the company, then the removal of obstacles must take place at both the corporate and personal level. Only in this
case will the reorganization be sustainable.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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Meeting with Death… or the Power of Thought! - Milan Krajnc
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Meeting death… Or the power of thought!

I just came back from a meeting where I made a lifetime commitment. I agreed to extend my life until further notice, but unfortunately not indefinitely.

Just as we make contracts for loans, contracts, various deals, we also make contracts for life. And really not much has changed.

Let’s look at an example, buying a property with a mortgage. Promise everything you have for the next 30 years until we repay everything. And after 10 years it happens, the so-called crisis, which prevents you from paying back the loan regularly. First you are a month behind, then two… then two, three, and
you receive a final reminder to cancel your contract. Increasingly, it hurts your stomach that you will lose everything, because even if you sell the property, it is no longer worth as much as you have to pay for the entire loan. And if this is the only property you have, you cannot go anywhere, which means that you are left without everything and still obliged to stay.

So what now?

People in this state are beginning to experience a rebirth and are convinced that maybe it is time for all the superfluous things to disappear from their lives, all the things that burden them, that the time of purification has come, and then they let go, let it all go, they are completely reborn, unencumbered, convinced that now a new opportunity is waiting for them, even more beautiful… they indulge in a new

Meeting with Death… or the Power of Thought! - Milan Krajnc

Well, that would be ideal if we did not live in a society that follows the rules that we have written ourselves. And our rules state that it’s necessary to pay back to the last. So they take our property, sell it to us and demand the difference from us. Sure, we can go into personal bankruptcy, which of course takes a few years, but we are on the shoulders of others and prisoners for a few years… hmm, so where does that leave us, this new opportunity and why do we let them take our property at all.

I think there is only one basic problem when we decided to sign a mortgage contract, we took it all too lightly, and instead of putting ourselves first, we naively still took care of others first, and only when there was something left for me to do.

And in such cases we can speak of pure energy when the “universe” sees that we give something to others so that we do not need it ourselves, even if we do not have enough. And it takes everything from us!

Namely, signing every contract is very responsible, and we have to keep to it responsibly. And we sign the same contract when we are born, we sign the contract of life. How we live is entirely up to us. Of course in the first years everything depends on our parents and educators, and after 6 years we slowly
start to decide for ourselves and take responsibility until we are fully responsible at the age of 18.

Now, when I return to the meeting, we sat at the table with Death and told me: “My dear, your time will soon pass. Regardless of your age, you have spent so much energy for others that you are slowly lacking energy for yourself in this life!

She looked into my eyes and I could feel in her bones that she was thinking very seriously. In my head a date came into my mind that I knew I only had a good month to make the decision that I was here and that I had to take care of myself so that I could ever do it for someone else.

Meeting with Death… or the Power of Thought! - Milan Krajnc

I sat down on the terrace, looked at the capital and wrote down the priorities, the whole thing ended with ME.

Therefore, dear “friends”, I will not write you a letter and I will not call you and explain it to you… but I will not pick up the phone and will not answer your e-mails… GOOD LUCK!

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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A letter to yourself in the past! Milan Krajnc
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A letter to yourself in the past!

Ašvata Nataša Martinčič asked the question on her Facebook page: "What would you say to yourself from today's understanding and experiences of 5 years ago?

I replied that I would go on holiday for half a year… and I meant that very seriously!

This thought threw me back exactly into the period five years ago. I had 50.000 Euros on my account… and I wasted them in 5 minutes. But with 10,000 Euros I could go on a longer holiday with 10,000 Euros and invest these 40,000 Euros wisely.

So I learned that I should not react quickly to something anymore, and if something goes wrong, never put out the fire when it feels worst.

There was a time when there was a “crisis” in the company, but not because of orders or. lack of work, my business partner and I were on our own side for a long time, because we saw the future of the company and the way we work completely different.

Already here I made the first mistake when I quickly suggested that our paths diverge and he should only name his price. We settled this in 3 days. Then I found out that the total negative situation in the company was 250,000 euros and not 50,000 euros as I originally thought.

So I dismissed someone without responsibility too quickly, only that I had “like” peace. And I ran away from the problem, and the problem, it came out of the snowball, came after me like an avalanche.

Then I made another mistake, I invested all the money I had to cover the liabilities to the state, I pledged all my assets to cover the bank liabilities, and took out more loans to cover the running costs, and then I forgot about the running projects, because I was only busy covering old things.

A letter to yourself in the past! Milan Krajnc

So I made the following three mistakes:

  1.  I completely exposed and completely disarmed myself.
  2.  I went to solve something that was not absolutely necessary in such a whole.
  3. I forgot the future.

So I settled almost all my old obligations and new ones were formed: Salaries, rents… there was no new income, so I looked for other, faster ways to earn, combinations, became naive… and so I turned those 250,000 euros into a big hole 1,000,000 euros, and I was left with nothing or. locked property, just because I wanted to solve something or. prove something to someone. I was violently looking for money or. only money was the goal, not for myself but for others, to prove it to others.

So again, I made two new mistakes:

  1. I was avoiding myself.
  2. I went to businesses where I did not check the background and did not understand it.
A letter to yourself in the past! Milan Krajnc

And so “after almost two years of raging, I stopped all the horses” and looked where I was and saw that I was completely out of the way.

  1. I started my original business.
  2. I started to move away from people who did not even belong in my lifestyle.
  3. Completely rewritten business plan.
  4. Take care of yourself first.

And then things slowly started to establish themselves because I was on my way again.

When I try to see these five years through my eyes anyway, something positive has happened:

  1. I knew myself down to the last atom.
  2. Cleanse everything that does not belong in me, down to the last molecule.
  3. Meet all the “real” friends.
  4. I realized that there are no shortcuts in life.
  5. To do only what I know and feel.
  6. Having a personal experience of how to get out of a personal and business crisis.

Yeah, and now I am selling it for five times the price of “investing” in this school of life.

More importantly, what I have learned… listen to yourself… when the first moment of “crisis” came, I did not listen to what I wanted to do, but I wanted to run away at all costs… I was not facing myself… it would only take me three days to be with you and talk thoroughly about what I really want. Listening to ourselves does not mean listening to the first feelings that come from the surface, but listening to the feelings that come from deep within us, and if we are too excited, disappointed… the right feeling will not come to the surface right away… we just have to wait a few days before we seal our fate. 

Now some of you will say, yes, why do not you analyze another one at all, I just remembered the sentence of Nataša and thought about it for a few moments, I basically enriched my feelings and memories… but I do not really analyze much, even if you say I analyze all the time… Yes, when I write… I live, but not with analysis.

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And, now that I have collected my feelings and the feelings of those I have saved from crises, the following 9 commandments have been created: Business Success:

1st  rule of success: Never be 2.
2nd  rule of success: Always listen to yourself.
3rd rule of success: When you make decisions, always be rested.
4th rule of success: The material world is a reflection of our thoughts.
5th rule of success: If we can see the qualities in others, they are also in us!
6th rule of success: If we condemn something, we will be guilty of the same thing.
7th rule of success: Everything is connected; no action stands alone.
8th rule of success: We can never blame anyone but ourselves.
9th rule of success: Everyone grows at his own pace and there are no shortcuts in life.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
New opportunities - Milan Krajnc
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New opportunities!

I am currently working on a selection of Records, for the English page, which will see the light of day in November 2017 together with the book.

the record jumped into that period into those feelings… and it was just fun to observe yourself in that period with current experience and knowledge. It was really funny to remember those times when I wandered through the storms of life, but the sun was shining next to me, and I didn’t see it. So now it’s becoming clear to me why some people looked at me so weird because they didn’t see what I was struggling with, and basically I seemed confused to them, and I was just looking for a herb to cling to to come out of this world war and finally I gasp.

For them, a completely different world and time ran than for me, even though we all lived in the same moment.

So I trained myself or. personally grown so that I can now see more parallel worlds and know exactly in what period or. the world is a person when I see his view and because I have gone through his period, so with personal experience and expertise I can help a person to leave various forms of wars and storms early and safely.

Awards - Milan Krajnc

And of course all this path of mine is important, also in the development of the Dynamic Leadership Model (DLM), as it is the Dynamic Model, a kind of protection against crises and at the same time a way out of the crisis. Of course, it can happen that DMV, to whom it also causes a crisis, especially personally; though it seems so at first sight, it essentially directs him on the path of salvation. DMV strikes a balance between the potentials of the individual and the company, and directs towards a natural way of working. Therefore, it is built exclusively on natural laws.

I used my knowledge of Psychology to understand the problems that arise in interpersonal relationships in the personal and business world, and my knowledge of Physics and Metallurgy to set up solutions and processes that enable balance.

To be more precise, my knowledge of Hydrodynamics and Thermomechanics helped me the most in understanding human properties and the functioning of thoughts, and reactions based on human character. If we monitor water currents, it is like monitoring emotional flows in us… so we can most plastically imagine what is the cause and how to direct or calm it, if we transfer this image to ourselves, we will be able to imagine what is happening inside us, at the same time, we will see ourselves as a third person and thus also seemingly move away from the emotional currents within us. Psychological exercises help with this: How others see us and The Parking Belt.

With these insights, we inflict “soft” shocks on ourselves. For “shocks” are those that push us out of a dead end or a vicious circle. Therefore, soft shocks are better than gross ones such as illness, death of a loved one, divorce, resignation…

New opportunities - Milan Krajnc

When I “appear” in a company, I usually see the whole process in the beginning or. what needs to change in the company. And just the last time I got the question, is the layoff in our company due to your presence?

I thought a little, as I do not come to the company to lay off instead of directors or owners, but only to establish a balance and conditions for operating in accordance with natural principles. The flow of the process in the company itself eliminates those who resist the change of the process or. make it impossible to strike a balance. So the process or. the flow of communication in itself helps the individual to establish his balance stimulates his potential and if it turns out that the potential of the company and the person are not “compatible”, due to the principle of Centrifugal force, the stranger in the company eliminates.

So someone told me that I was similar to a character from the movie In the Air (2009) played by George Clooney: “Losing a job is an opportunity!

George Clooney plays the guy who has the best profession in the world: he travels constantly, around the world, meets a lot of interesting people and he never runs out of work. A random tourist who carries his life on a trip, a frequent flyer who makes no difference between flirting with flight attendants and flirting with security guards at airport checkpoints, a pathological narcissist who constantly gives the impression that he is doing better than rent-a-car, who drives it. You can only get to know him by traveling with him. The guy is a success story: his job is to lay off workers. And he does it elegantly and smoothly, with a smile – and a samurai look in his eyes. It only does what managers don’t have the eggs for. Intimacy in this world spoils everything, so he is never embarrassed. Not for a hip. Quite the opposite: his performance is so good that it forces those he fires to be embarrassed. But don’t panic, calm them down – being fired isn’t a disaster, but an opportunity! Losing a job is the best thing that can happen to you! Now you can do bigger things! The guy is the truth of the free market: a parasite who lives at the expense of others, a cynic who stereotypes everything, a first-class guy whose backstage feeds on the tragedies of others, an impersonal capitalist mechanism who thinks he is human… ”

Maybe for whom I work like that because I travel a lot and I really enjoy what I do. However, I do not forgive, I only save human lives from the cage of the past. Everyone interprets this in their own way.

In my work and those I teach to continue my work, communication is most important. In DMV, honesty / truth is important, but how you say it is important, it is important that you say it in a way that he understands.

Namely, the moment I see that a person “does not move”, that his potential is very different from the company and that his characteristics can begin to hinder the development and operation of the company, I move away from him for a while to see for myself, because I at that moment I become his nightmare. However, I adapt the communication exclusively for the benefit of the company.

If a person understands all the messages of the environment, he will leave the company, which he no longer feels; it means that the person is on a very high level of awareness and a better opportunity in life awaits him. If he does not feel this, however, his personal transformation is just beginning and he will have to repeat the cycle of life again.

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Now that I’m reading this, what have I written, I ask myself, what is my role?

  1. I am striking a balance in the company!
  2. I am rescuing Persons of their past!
  3. I’m forgiving!
  4. I’m giving you another chance!

Obviously I’m going into the final round of negotiations or upgrading myself. As I flipped through all the old texts like that, I saw that over the years, I’ve mostly been cleaning and discovering my depth. Now, after deepening, I don’t see many old things anymore, I’m not interested in the past anymore, it means that now I’m just about to build a healthy foundation, my life so far and guidelines for the future.

The result of past self-discoveries has been to substantiate the Dynamic Leadership Model and my profession Crisis Captain, because it is now the foundation from which I build on.

Apparently, this whole round and return Home was necessary to get back into the world and put Home at home. And only now, all along the way, can I say that life is just beginning to live and that the words that have accompanied me for more than a decade no longer apply to me: “It hurts if a car drives you, if time drives you, the pain doesn’t to measure ”. I outgrew it and that for me nothing is lost anymore, even the past, every moment was a pebble in my mosaic of life. I am not sorry for anything, regardless of the visible result. I have always been a winner, so now I continue on the Path of the Winner. Someone would say he has finally accepted himself and will stop “wandering” around the world “

Milan Krajnc is a pedagogue and psychotherapist specializing in leaders, whom he helps from a vicious circle, where they have entered. It reorganizes businesses and teaches young people not to repeat the mistakes of the elderly. You can write to him at:

He is the Author of the Dynamic Leadership Model of company Management, based on natural laws. His book Dynamic Leadership Model.

You can order a printed book here.

You can also read on the phone by purchasing an e-book.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

How to heal with thoughts? Milan Krajnc
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How do you Heal with Thoughts

For a long time I wrote columns for the newspaper DNEVNIK with the title The Power of Thinking, but at that time I was not aware of what I was writing. The aim was to explain how we influence our business success, the organization with our inner self...

Now, as I put more and more emphasis on natural solutions and use physics as a tool in business consulting and solutions, it becomes more and more clear to me how the world really works. I used to do this intuitively, but now I do it systematically and holistically.

 Let’s look at an example: If you are now reading this article on the phone, it means that you are holding something “hard” in your hand. And if you look at this phone under a microscope, which is so strong that it falls to the level of atoms,
the phone… What you would see – nothing. We would get the answer that a telephone is nothing but a union of atoms connected by very strong energy. Basically, a telephone is energy at a certain frequency.

 And if we now read all the research of atomic physicists or, more modernly said, quantum physicists, who say that everything is energy, that everything has its frequency, or in everyday language they say that everything is vibration. We can say that our thoughts are also energy. And, as Martin Kojc said 100 years ago, “the material world is a reflection of our thoughts”, which means that we can influence our environment with our thoughts.

So if everything is energy, then the energy of man is also energy! Then we can write two statements:

  1. man can develop in the way he wants (in psychotherapy this is confirmed by the “Theory of Choice” – everyone decides on his own actions)!
  2. man is immortal (the physical law of energy says that energy cannot be destroyed, we can only transform it into another form)!

*- it might be a little bit more difficult to understand, but I try to explain the unknown in familiar language.

Let us look at the example of water. Water is formed from ice when we add energy to the ice and the temperature rises. If we continue to add energy, the water turns to steam… If we are observers, we can basically only conclude that it has turned into steam because we can no longer see it, we can only feel it until it spreads out in space, then we feel more, we will no longer feel it… but we know that this “water” is always somewhere, even if we do not see it.

So we are still in physics, we are still in physics, we are still in understandable explanations. And what is true for ice and water, of course, is true for humans. If a person succeeds in increasing his energy significantly, it is logical that the moment comes when he becomes invisible. This has nothing to do with mysticism or magic, but with physics. If such a person is invisible, it means nothing else than that he has transformed his material body into another energy and that death does not exist. The idea that death exists is an extremely materialistic view of
the things we have surrendered to and the consequences of which we now have to live.

How to heal with thoughts? Milan Krajnc

So man is energy, then we can change these energies at will. The question is, how?

 The answer is simple: Through our thoughts. Let’s try it.

  1. We think about love.
  2.  Let us think of hate.

How do you think about a particular thought? And it is thoughts that cause us different feelings that directly affect the “physical body”. So we can say that illness is nothing but a disharmony of energy. So it is quite obvious that such a disharmony can be influenced by different energies or. in this case we
are talking about frequencies or. So if we only change the way we think, we will also be healed by thinking. We can help ourselves through music, colors, smells… anything that affects how we feel. These insights are not so new. Novalis (1772), the great poet and mystic of the Romantic era, said succinctly: “Every illness is a musical problem.” So the problem of vibrations. If logic and physics tell us
already, we can treat diseases with thoughts.

It’s all a question of energy, and with it, vibrations. For example, we can think of man as a musical instrument. Music and sounds as we know them are also vibrations. If the instrument is not aligned, it produces disharmonic tones. So the human being is an uncoordinated instrument that constantly produces disharmonic tones, which means: aggression, conflict, resentment…

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Because often, since we cannot change our thoughts, because “black” thoughts keep coming up to us, we need external stimuli such as the music, colors, smells mentioned above… Even more, our own words, positive affirmations, which help us. We say it loud and give our thoughts a different frequency, a different energy, a different vibration and we can slowly come into balance or. let us build up an energy harmony.

Maybe I have gone a little too far, but basically I just want to show you a breadth that you do not see. It is really about your life, which you can influence anytime and anywhere. Namely that your decision at a certain point in time is your reality and nothing else, because everything else is a limiting belief.

Do not look for help from magicians, slogans… because everyone will only predict the kind of future you feel at that moment. It is important to change your way of thinking, you need to create energetic harmony. And this is what nature teaches us, or. a basic first year physics textbook in elementary school.


To sum up: Take care of the body first, then the intellect, emotions and soul; if they are equally satisfied within 10 days, you will be in balance. This is what the principle of Dynamic Leadership Model teaches. It is all in your mind. Put yourself in the first place and everything will happen.


You can also heal cancer!

Recently, several people who have cancer have come to me. I cannot cure it for them, but I could have advised them on how to change their attitude that this psychological food for “cancer” is no longer there. Miracles do not happen overnight, we have to prepare for them with a different way of thinking. And when we are ready, a miracle will also happen.

* – WARNING: as soon as cancer appears, a systemic approach is needed, which takes into account not only the way of thinking but also medicine.


Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
Life off the field - Milan Krajnc
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Life off the Pitch

Many people ask me if I have a prescription for my current condition. Unfortunately I have nothing new, which has been said countless times in the last few days. Here we need a collective therapy now, because as individuals we have done too little to ourselves.

Now that all the events for our animation are over and we will have no more focus… it is time to focus on ourselves in the relationships, in the relationships we are closed with now.

So now life is moving outside of the playgrounds we have put all our attention into now. We were left without any supportive psychological pillars. The manipulation will begin to go out! We will now see our real picture of where we are, where we are going and finally who we are!

It may shock many people in terms of new insights. Even if it is exhausting, it will be liberating.

That is why I will not go into it here and discuss it.

It is time to finally turn ourselves in!

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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