How to solve the phenomenon of corruption in the Republic of Slovenia? Milan Krajnc
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Henry Ford, one of the richest men of all time, said, "You can ask me anything, just not how I earned my first million!"

This record is an introduction to a research project on the causes and solutions of corruption in the Republic of Slovenia. Above all, I would like to point out the causes that cause corruption or. criminal act. I started the research project just before the crisis started, so I stopped it at the moment, because the situation after the crisis with the adoption of new legislation will be the conditions or. results different.

At the moment, I cannot say that the new legislation will reduce the level of corruption. What I see and the data I have access to, however, I can say is that by blocking some political parties from passing new legislation, they are increasing the level of corruption.

Insofar as in the proposal of the original legislation, who “opened the door” for some corrupt act, it means that it was a relatively clean way for someone to benefit, but at the same time easy to control and maybe in this way there is little damage, because here usually only one person or group. However, as such legislation begins to change, to be corrected, even more mistakes are made and even more groups open their doors.

So someone thinks how he managed to prevent a crime, but in reality he sped up the process and increased the crime. Is it because he wanted to help solve the situation, but he actually made it worse? If I answer this as a layman, I can say YES!

Namely, even when the police gather evidence where they have a suspicion, they first leave it under surveillance to allow someone to commit several crimes during the surveillance to have credible evidence. This is a perfectly legitimate legal process. Therefore, the opposition should also be aware that they are doing more harm than good with their partisan actions. It would be better to leave it all together and let the current government do what it thinks is best. Everything else will be revealed in the end. With such partisan actions, however, they only cover their tracks. If, of course, anyone has a “malicious” plan at all.

How to solve the phenomenon of corruption in the Republic of Slovenia? Milan Krajnc

Everything I write is not substantiated, I tackled it on the basis of rumors and some clues, even under the previous government; above all, I am looking for a model of how to bring the Dynamic Leadership Model closer to the state administration. Because this business model, in fact, prevents corrupt practices. Above all, I am in favor of raising the level of lobbying culture to a higher level. Namely, most people think that lobbyists are something bad, that they are the ones who steal. In reality, however, these are people with authority and expertise who represent certain groups before politics. By considering lobbyists, the level of corruption can be reduced as they are communication channels, no longer different intermediaries. Thus, control can be simplified.

That our politicians would not be so gullible, or that someone would not manipulate them with various “benevolent” information. They should be more educated, and above all at a higher level of consciousness.

So one solution to reduce the level of corruption; is a higher level of general education of Slovenian politicians and deputies. Therefore, it would be best for the elections to take place one year before taking office, during which time, MPs have time to go through a certain level of personal and professional transformation. At this time, they also mature enough and the initial enthusiasm in which the most mistakes are made also subsides.

Predicted causes of corruption:

  • The biggest cause of corruption is the low level of general education of Slovenian deputies.
  • What I will describe in one of the following records is inefficient public administration, due to too much administration, unclear processes and too many employees, in terms of efficiency.
  • Low salaries for key decision-makers in public administration. We are with our Members again, which stems from their low self-esteem.
  • Slovenia does not have a clear goal , where are we going at all, but people are restless because there is no clear future and most are only thinking about short-term solutions, which is basically corruption.
  • Low management culture of public administration.
  • … We will list more after the research is completed, which will probably drag on into next year.

The project will be the basis for my next project, how to raise the self-confidence of Slovenes. That anyone could talk about the first million and not be ashamed of it. The first million can be earned in a completely legal way. However, the country in which we operate and reside must create the conditions. Corruption in 99% is not the fault of the individual, but the conditions that are created.

I am also a lobbyist, but in Slovenia, they prefer not to accept me so that there is nothing wrong and then they prefer to meet for coffee. While in the West abroad, otherwise politicians don’t want to talk to you at all.

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dr. Milan Krajnc is an assistant professor of Public Management at the University of Peace at the United Nations, where he also teaches Lobbying.

  • He is a registered Lobbyist in the Republic of Slovenia, under number: 47
  • He is a registered Lobbyist in the Parliament of the European Union, under number: 901262437498-65
  • He is a registered Lobbyist in the Parliament of Canada, under number: 945607
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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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