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Lately, I’ve mostly been writing only business stuff and moving away from relationships between partners, but at the same time I’ve seen that it’s about a relationship in the business world and a personal one about the same things.

If you are not completely honest, things will "collapse" sooner than later.

– Milan Krajnc –

Premium osebno svetovanje - Milan Krajnc

However, being honest does not mean that we are organizing information, but that we are saying even the darkest things, especially now that the crisis is happening at every step. However, those darkest and most hidden parts of man are supposed to remain hidden forever…. Well at least that’s what they said, although now I see the Sun with its light forcing itself into every part of the dark rooms of the individual. So I find that we have nothing more to hide, because sooner or later the light will come to the room where we put all our junk, just so that no one would deal with it.

It is the same in business, we will no longer be able to hide anything, we will only be able to offer quality services and products, and an honest and quality relationship between employees, everything else will crash, to the lowest point.

And why did I even decide to write about private relationships again.

After a long time, I returned to Belgrade, where your eyes cannot be in one place, especially if you are sitting in the company of a man in a bar by the promenade.

Namely, the women of Boegraj, in the winter months, put on the most beautiful things and, as the Serbs would say, adorn themselves with all their gold, but in the summer they give it all away… and here the view of their gold obsta bare skin remains. And there’s so much of it that you can’t look left to right, you can’t even focus and after an hour of sitting… you have cold coffee or hot beer and you don’t even know what you watched or saw anymore because you wanted to see it all at once.

Well, of course it’s not just about watching… and later you find out that all Belgraders are the same, so no matter which one you watch the result is the same, you are always disappointed if you expect only beauty, because this beauty is only on the street… you don’t get it at home a lot, unless you invest a lot in it… so invest in beauty salons, gyms, dresses and you will always have beauty… other content than fashion you will not have…

Only She… or life for two - Milan Krajnc

I’m not talking about Belgraders as Belgraders, but from Lisbon to Athens enako just I have now inserted myself in this Balkan capital, which is a symbol of “Kiten”. I wanted to emphasize that women have forgotten their interior, their content and that men today are no longer looking for not only external beauty but also the content of the conversation about those dark rooms, about what we put away somewhere to no one would find it. Well, these are just my thoughts and when I turn to a colleague who got together for morning coffee and for the last two hours we didn’t say a word because we were directed completely elsewhere and we were just staring at our long legs and lush from under our sunglasses… I realize that I may fall back into the old pattern that has accompanied me for the past five years. I shudder and order one of these short ones to clear my mind a bit… I tell them we’re going for an afternoon walk to Avala, but they haven’t heard me, they stayed in their movie and continued to drink coffee. I left without being seen, changed clothes and went over Belgrade, to Avala….

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I had only the tower in front of me, which I looked at, and my thoughts slowly began to calm down. I saw just one more point and started thinking about all the nudity I encountered on Kenz Mihajlo a few hours ago. What do we men get from watching a hundred women at once… basically nothing, we just fill some childish imagination… so men principle on watching other women, I might say.

Well and more, as I look at the tower in front of me and become more and more breathless, it starts to become clear to me where the underlying problem is.

If you deal with 100 women at once, you don’t have to make a special effort, show your best part and turn out to be a guy and just by the way, you deal with them superficially… but the essence is never added, but you create an unrealistic image of these women whose thoughts are loaded into hidden dark rooms.

However, if a man focuses on only one person, one woman, it starts to get tiring, just like my walking up this hill, which goes towards a single goal. My thoughts had already completely calmed down and my thoughts were also getting a result.

Only She… or life for two - Milan Krajnc

There is basically no difference between 100 women, or between one, the thread is no difference between Africa, America, or Antarctica… we can explore as much as we want, but the world is the same everywhere. Therefore, it is enough to explore only one world and dedicate ourselves to it, and that thoroughly, because that way we will get the whole paradise and the whole world in one place.

Therefore, dear readers of business or personal articles, be focused on only one business goal, men and women, and only on one partner… if you think it is not going to work, ask yourself if you are on the right track and if you want to.

In any case, it is necessary to make a breakthrough and go to the end, because only in this way will you finally feel your life and really live it.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at

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