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Europe has not found itself in crisis because of poor investment in recent years, but because of a vague goal, as it has been sleeping on the laurels of its history for centuries.

If we look at history, we see that Europe has been a driver of world development over the last millennium. Europeans (whites) conquered and ruled the whole world, and at that time the conquest of the world was also the only goal. Later, this role was taken over by America, which also developed from Europe. And that is when Europe stood still. She has lost her meaning, or we could say that she has been lost, as a middle-aged man who has conquered everything in life and no longer knows how and where to go is lost (if I may allow myself a comparison). That is why Europe needs to find a new meaning, a new goal, why even exist?

We can also ask ourselves differently: if Europe is a “company”, what is its product? The answer that comes to my mind at first is: quality of living! Of course, this is also the goal of the European Union, but the needs of its people have changed. Therefore, when it comes to what we expect from Europe, we need to get back to ourselves.

We saw that the needs we met and lived with for the last few years were primarily the needs of others. We lived to show ourselves to others, and in doing so we were so successful that we completely looted our rich interior. We became empty. If we start from the thoughts of Martin Kojc, who wrote 100 years ago that the material world is a reflection of our thoughts, then we can also feel it. Today we are in abundance, but we are both alone and empty.

Therefore, our new direction must be the path back to ourselves. We need to refill our pantries: hearts, minds and souls.

Mature men would now say that there has been enough philosophizing and that there needs to be a firm grip on the work! Everyone would jump in panic, roll up their sleeves and grab… for what? Or – how should we start?

Every journey begins with a dream. But in recent decades, we humans have mostly forgotten to dream. We literally had paradise on earth, we collected money on the road, so we didn’t have to work for anything anymore, everything was “at hand”. People simply got lazy and the vast majority became “philosophers” who started to turn the thoughts and ideas of others nicely, because I didn’t even allow them to “pick up money” on the road.

Dream seller - Milan Krajnc

Now that we’ve found ourselves at the perfect bottom, we need to start climbing, but the road to the top will take more than a decade, all the way to 2030. We need to start by starting to dream. Namely, our dreams come from our essence, we were born with the essence, but we forgot it with the way of life. But by dreaming, we can relive this essence.

We can dream somewhere where we feel safe, where we are relaxed and have our peace. Therefore, the first step towards overcoming the crisis is for Europe to create dream corners. These could be large fields, parks, where we would lie carefree in the grass and dream… if we could not remember what we dreamed of, or the path to our essence is simply too long, Dream Sellers could help us with this. These would be middle-aged people who have achieved everything in life and found their meaning in sharing their experiences with others.

Well, it took me a little bit into the fairytale world here, because in these hard times, everyone wants their own fairytale…

However, a different path from the one described is in fact almost impossible if the world is not to collapse on itself. Here I see the role of Europe, which can help us get out of the vicious circle. However, not by sending her warriors around the world to “liberate” or “convert people”, but by renewing herself.

Dream seller - Milan Krajnc

Europe will simply cease to be interested in the rest of the world. She will start working on how she has to organize herself to make it easier for her citizens, she will ask each one what she wants…

Europe will change the world by setting a new example. Europe still has this power, as millions of tourists from all over the world flock to us because of its rich history, culture and good food. And Europe can use its status of authority to give a new message to the world: “Begin to be aware of yourself!”

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The world will have to calm down, and with the changes, Europe will act much more calmly in 2030, but not seemingly. People will see in their eyes that their soul is completely calm. They will no longer be interested in mass entertainment and mass events, but will focus on friends, family, themselves. Books and movie theaters will gain importance again, playing in front of the block will once again become commonplace. Our relationships will become intimate, not only in a physical sense, but in developing the relationship. Relationships will be deep, respect will develop again.

The crisis that has developed in recent years has basically started to reveal real faces, the scenery has started to fall and the “real world” has started to show. This one looked rough and dark at first. Anxiety is still present today, but the sun is already shining. By acknowledging the truth, even if it was exhausting, deep down we see that we have begun to liberate ourselves.

The new sun will shine on our essence, on our true face, on our dreams. And in order to be able to live our dreams, we need to start dreaming again.

So it’s time to become Dream Sellers. For those who don’t have them.

contribution from the book Europus Mutandis

Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com

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