Sugar, food for Demons! - Milan Krajnc
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As a psychotherapist, I am intensively, professionally and scientifically engaged in finding the causes of crises. It is not self-evident that every situation that arises will be resolved and will never happen again. It's all a matter of our decision.

To maintain a “stable” state means that we must strike a balance in our lives. It means to consider all four components (body, intellect, emotions and soul… I wrote about this in more detail in the book Dynamic Leadership Model, under the heading Personal Transformation).

I myself have noticed that food is a great stimulant of certain crises or. it is a kind of refuge from the crisis situation, which in reality only distances it from the solution. Basically all stimulants act as a disguise against the cause of the crisis. This includes alcohol, cigars… not to mention from various other stimuli.

I also tested myself for all possible stimuli and checked my strength or. I told myself I was training my inner strength. So I completely removed alcohol and tobacco from my life that I was left without those feelings that I felt like some fresh wind taking me away from the daily worries that clear me up. Then I told myself that I would focus completely on the moments, no matter what the situation would be, that I wanted to be always in the moment. Thus, I have found that when I take stimuli, I experience a sense of reward and pleasure. What I later translated as an escape, a temporary solution.

As I got used to living without these two stimuli, I began to look ahead to what it is that still inspires the dark side within me, what feeds my demons, and exploration led me to chocolate, sweet. I’m mainly talking about that sugar we create artificially, not the natural sugars we find in fruit or real chocolate (… which isn’t good because it’s not sweet).

So now I took the next step and started living, still without sugar. I would like to increase my presence in the moment and rise to an even higher level of life and awareness. Because that way I have more of a life.

Sugar, food for demons - Milan Krajnc

In fact, after a recent visit to Italy, where my book will be out soon, I saw how they live differently there through food. Italians eat very little processed food, use good ingredients, say a lot of olive oil and vegetables, do not like salt too much, prefer to season dishes with herbs and pepper and drink a glass of red wine at lunch or dinner. They don’t skip meals. Food is a pleasure for them. The Italian lifestyle is quite successful at repelling stress. They cook at home, the family does not enjoy delicious food in front of the TV, but gathers around the table, so the kitchen and dining table are the center of the Italian home.

With us, we are waiting at the table for what mom will bring or. we eat something quickly that will raise our energy…

In fact, we are not even aware that we can work on ourselves a lot, but in the end we destroy the whole psychological process with food.

In doing so, I advise you to do this under professional supervision and to gradually change the contents of your menu, not overnight, because then it will be too much of a shock for your body.

Above all, I advise you to first explore how you feel when you change flavors, contents… when you give alcohol off the menu… when a crisis comes, when it is really severe, it means you are on that path of testing whether you will go over or repeat circle.

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Sugar, food for demons - Milan Krajnc

So the approach to food, the attitude towards it, and especially its content, says a lot about you and your psychological state.

Bon Appetit.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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