Directors are the greatest martyrs - Milan Krajnc
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I was just on my way home when I saw many enlightened faces of women staring at the phones and smiling left and right next to me at the traffic lights… Their faces showed that they were corresponding with their prince on a white horse, although they had never seen him. But apparently in a virtual image and through correspondence they revived the image they had dreamed of… Basically I do not know who was on the other side, but for them it was enough that the feelings they had dreamed of were born in them. So their life became full, even if they will never see it, or they are completely different than they imagine.

Basically, women do not need a prince 24 hours a day because they get bored easily… …but he does not have the fitness to handle it either. In fact, she needs the prince at least once a month to rekindle this feeling again and again. Women do not need much, but if they need a lot, they need 100%.

And what shocked me most about these women with brighter faces is that Friday night… a kind of family holiday and ONE alone on the road, probably alone and lonely in their lives too… now that I was also on the road, alone !!!!

But those princes with whom the girls with the brighter faces chatted may have been themselves on that holiday evening.

Many of them are alone on this festive evening, even when the house is full, they are alone, lonely.

In my work, I find that most of those who are alone and lonely at the top and play the role of leader are directors…

The directors are the greatest Martyrs - Milan Krajnc

I just wonder why someone hurries up there… his way up is like the way of the cross and then he comes to “that” summit… where he is surrounded by employees, customers, taxes, inspectors… and finally health… why is it necessary for him You are a kind of savior, on the cross as a reminder to all… “Do not go, do not lead… just be polite somewhere and follow the Highest One”.

And who is the greatest … nobody knows! Literally.

We all follow someone somewhere in the country, even those who lead, follow someone… …but do not know who… just tell whom, because that is the way… they follow the system.

The system is long dead, but we still follow it. And who can change the system… Yes, ourselves… and why not, because we do not know what others will say … and who the others are, hmmm basically we ourselves… and then why do not we change the system… because that is just the way it is.

The directors are the greatest Martyrs - Milan Krajnc

And then we all go home, turn on TV and listen to what others will say, because that is the way it’s been… and so on for almost 30 years indefinitely.

I really do not know sometimes who is more “normal”, those who go to psychiatry to get a break from this “normal” world, or WE who they consider a little bit crazy.

We are always looking for someone on the outside who is to blame for everything and who is gonna save everything… and then we act like HE is to blame.

And why do we never ask ourselves if we are responsible for the why! What can we do with ourselves to make the world different, or are we just going to follow…


The time has come where we will only follow ourselves if we do not want the system to lead us into some dead world where the heart stops beating, where there is no feeling that we ever existed… no one will save us if we are not alone. But there is no need to fight anyone, just shake hands and pull ourselves out of this black hole we have been living in for decades. This black hole is nothing more than a system we have been living in for almost 30 years… we are not basically trapped, we just have to stand up and look over the edge… oh, well, there is another world, a world where the sun shines.

The directors are the greatest Martyrs - Milan Krajnc

The directors have misunderstood their role “today”. The era of the kings who ruled is long gone, but they put themselves in the role of absolute rulers, which means that they deprive their employees of all power, responsibility and freedom … because we are in a time when the sun is shining … the directors are running out of power to manage all this, and instead of slowly arranging everything at the top … they are slowly becoming prisoners of what they have set up.

Modern directors are no longer rulers, it’s simply their job. In the future, there will be no more superiors and subordinates, no more employees and employers… the system will begin to function like nature, the companies will function in the form of a Project Office, there will be working groups that only have responsibility… and everyone will create his own jobs where he will see that he can contribute with his mission / potential to the valorization.


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The new generations will no longer understand what we are doing now, why some of them burned  out, why they sacrificed their lives for the company, why they sacrificed themselves for others, why they ended up in psychiatry (physically they will ask themselves, what was that all about?)… all the pain we live in will turn into joy. This plague that is now killing entrepreneurs/directors/bo will be healed if
we start to socialize for the sake of socialization and not for material and status reasons.

My dear readers, let these “holidays”, whatever you call them, remind you that it is not necessary to die, to be born again, not to suffer, to be better people… we can all do this without suffering or having a guilty conscience… just listen to your heart.

Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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