How "nature" would put together its best staff team! Milan Krajnc
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The second book from the DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT MODEL collection has started to be written. In the first book (I), which is not yet officially out, I write about the comparison of psychological phenomena and natural phenomena, where I explain and justify that natural phenomena (storm, volcano, earthquakes, calm sea…) are exactly the same as psychological phenomena in

people (excitement, anger, happiness, peace…) and in this way, if we observe nature and the whole origin of its occurrence, we can directly predict what is happening in ourselves and prevent many negative things in seven steps by the method of SiriusPersonalTransformation. Namely, a storm in us can often do more damage around us than nature itself. 😉

In the second book, however, I begin by describing natural processes that I compare to business processes. Namely, the entire Dynamic Leadership Model is in the first phase focused on the management of the company, so all comparisons are based on this area.

Dynamic Leadership Model - E-book - Milan Krajnc

So in this case I took for the project GOZD, which is a natural company and in it we can find all the comparisons and processes that the company has, but they are maximally optimized in Gozd, and from this we can see where we can optimize certain processes , without causing stress. Companies can be transformed by the natural SiriusBusinessTransformation method.

The third book will describe the connection between processes and phenomena, how they are connected and interdependent, and how to coordinate all this, as nature coordinates, according to the DynamicComunicationModel method. You can already read something small in the book Communication with Aliens.

In the fourth book, however, the description of the whole system will be the nature of how it works, as a whole, interdependent. According to the Project Office method. Some comparisons are described in the book Project Office as a Way of Life

and Dynamic Local Government Systems Management Model.

And so the entire Dynamic Leadership Model will be thoroughly described in all 4 foundational books.

Today, I am tackling the Forest, so a series of longer records will be created, this time I will compare the trees and staff in the company. Namely, higher than a tree in the forest means that it must be the strongest in order to break through to the highest position. It’s the same with the staff in the company. Higher up when you want to get there, you have to be the strongest person.

Of course, this does not mean that I am now rethinking and discovering something, all of this once existed, but we have forgotten for some reason. To me, this knowledge, in a way, comes by itself or. I draw them from some old DNA memories. However, even my nature itself draws me to explore old knowledge, forgotten civilizations that already knew all this. I was directed to this by my hobby Astronomy, with which I started working at the age of 8 and later also studied physics and did a degree in astronomy on comet Hall-Bopp. And the more I learned about the history of the development of Astronomy, the more I realized that we once knew much more, without the technologies we use today. Which led me to think that people at the time had much more developed senses and acted in harmony with nature. And when I studied this with ancient Greek athletes, I developed the SiriusPersonalTransformation program (described in the book I). For the needs of the Winner’s Path program.

Winners path Program - Milan Krajnc

And when I set out to discover forests and trees, I fell very quickly on the Celts.

To resist the storms of life, we must be well rooted in our personal strength, virtues, and values. Follow the teachings of the ancient Celts, imagine yourself as a tree, and discover what qualities you carry written in your roots.

In world mythologies, stories and religions, the tree is a powerful symbol of deep and sacred significance. Forests offered shelter to ancient peoples and various types of trees protected them from enemies and breakage with their special powers. Northern peoples from areas rich in dense forests have developed a tradition of the importance and power of trees.

The Celts and their sage druids divided the year into thirteen periods. Each period represents one tree whose characteristics and importance were able to describe the characteristics of people born in that period. Let us also discover our tree in this ancient wisdom. It may help us to feel our forgotten instinctive nature and connect more strongly with the essence of our being. However, I will not talk about the horoscope here, nor in which part of the year anyone is born…

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Let’s look first at some trees and their properties:

Christmas tree

They have good taste, they are honest, educated, they love everything that is beautiful. They are full of feelings, stubborn, they know how to be selfish, but they take care of their loved ones. They are very happy and talented, they have many friends as well as enemies, we can trust them.

Their “superpower”: mystery.


They have a pleasant physique and good taste. When they don’t like something, they say it out loud, and they also tend not to forgive other people’s mistakes. They are happy, they like to lead, they do not like to belong to anyone, they like to decide instead of others. They are true and sincere partners, noble, generous, have a good sense of humor.

Their “superpower”: nobility.


They are strong, muscular, responsible, they capture life with a big spoon. They are satisfied, optimistic, but also greedy for money and recognition. They hate loneliness, they are passionate lovers for whom there is never enough. They are often faithful, repeatedly affected, fickle, meticulous, and indifferent.

Their “superpower”: loyalty.

How "nature" would put together its best staff team! Milan Krajnc


Their biggest problem is that they don’t believe in themselves. In order to relax and open up, they need encouragement and a pleasant environment, so we quickly overlook them. Due to uncertainty, they are often alone. They are artistic souls, good organizers, but somewhat inclined to philosophize. They get into every situation, they take relationships very seriously.

Their “superpower”: uncertainty.


They are usually very beautiful and love luxury. They are in good health, they are not shy, they like to look down on others. They are confident, determined, impatient, love to influence others. They have many talents, they are optimistic, they are waiting for true love, they are able to make quick decisions.

Their “superpower”: security.


They like to be in pleasant company, they are good companions who know how to make the lives of their loved ones even more pleasant. They are very active and resilient. They fall in love quickly, but they also quickly give up and lose interest. Before they find the ideal partner, they trust them quite a bit and trust their “real” one. They are trustworthy and practical.

Their “superpower”: exceptionality


Life changes are painful for them. They hate disputes and quarrels, as well as stress and most likely their job as well. They do not like boredom and comfort, they are gentle and indulgent, they sacrifice themselves for friends. They are very talented, but they are not ambitious enough to improve their talent. They constantly tarnish and criticize, they are very jealous but loyal.

Their “superpower”: foreboding, doubt

Trees of Life - Milan Krajnc


They are robust in nature, strong, independent, uncompromising, but also sensitive. They don’t like any change, they stand firmly on the ground with their feet, they stick to the facts, they just don’t think, but act.

The oak is a symbol of truth and unshakable knowledge. Oak, like your tree, gives you a special gift of strength. In difficult times, you are calm, determined, and responsible, and therefore often find yourself in the role of a self-deprecating leader. Feelings of responsibility for others that make you need to be strong make you often serious, but your spirit is cheerful, optimistic, and in a good mood. You enjoy a big family and like to be involved in big social networks.

It catches with: ash, ivy and reed.

Their “superpower”: courage.


The Celts ate hazelnuts to gain magical skills and knowledge. The hazelnut as your tree is a symbol of an analytical mind, extraordinary memory and the ability to transfer knowledge. You are an inspired teacher, you are always well informed and you pay attention to detail. You always add a practical aspect to your artistic sense. You are sincere and caring in love, but sometimes with your care you can stifle those you love.

They are charming but modest, they can leave an impression, and at the same time they are sensitive. They are full of understanding, follow their notion of justice and are often at the forefront of the fight for social rights. They are complex lovers, sincere, tolerant partners.

Their “superpower”: specialness.

It catches with: hawthorn, bark and vine


They are charming, happy, they always do their best, they like to be noticed, but they are not selfish. They love life, movement, restlessness – even crises. At the same time, they are dependent and independent, they have good taste, they are passionate artists driven by emotions. They are also good companions as they do not give up.

Their “superpower”: they know how to listen.


They are unusual people with a strong power of expression and originality. They are timid and reserved, they love fame, they are proud, self-confident, always eager for new knowledge and experience. Sometimes they know how to be nervous, have a good memory, can learn, usually have a complicated love life, like to influence others.

Their “superpower”: independence.


Independent, strange and full of contradictions, often selfish, aggressive, generous, educated, unexpected, spontaneous, unlimited ambition and ambition, not flexible, difficult and strange partners, others rarely love but often wonder, good strategists, very jealous and passionate, do not make any compromises.

Their “superpower”: passion.

Trees of Life - Milan Krajnc


They are extremely beautiful, they don’t like pressure, they are fair, they look forward to life. They are born diplomats, but in society they are sensitive, often insecure. they feel that no one understands them. They really only love once, they have trouble finding the right partner.

Their “superpower”: honesty


They take care of their appearance and fitness, they taste good, they are not selfish. Although they live a very disciplined life, they like to make it as enjoyable as possible. They demand recognition and friendship from their partner, they dream of unusual lovers. They are rarely satisfied with their feelings, they do not trust almost anyone, they always doubt their decisions, they are very sensitive.

Their “superpower”: good taste.


They are very strong, confident, independent, do not allow arguments and objections. They love life, family, children and animals, they are real “social butterflies”. They are fun, they love idleness, they are talented for practical work, they are intelligent.

Their “superpower”: sensitivity.


They look forward to life, they are attractive, elegant, loving, content. They do not like anything that is excessive and do not tolerate vulgarity. They love life in nature and peace. They are not overly passionate, they are quite educated, not overly ambitious, they know how to create a calm, contented atmosphere.

Birch is the first tree to sprout leaves after winter. It symbolizes renewal. If you are born like a birch, like her, you crave light and try your best to achieve your desired goal. You believe you can achieve it through work. You are a good organizer, you are determined and resilient. You know how to motivate others, you are calm in a crisis and others like to surrender to your leadership. You bring serenity and beauty everywhere, and you also enchant people with your wit.

It goes well with: vines, willow and alder.

Their “superpower”: inspiration


They love the sun, warmth and beautiful feelings. They are reasonable, tolerant and full of understanding, they avoid violence. They are cheerful and peaceful in nature, they have a strong sense of justice. They are sensitive, educated, they are not jealous, they like to draw, they like to be in the company of educated people.

Their “superpower”: wisdom.


they have a strong taste, care about their appearance, materialists, well-organized life and career, economical, good leaders, do not take unnecessary risks, are youthful, full of energy, best life partners, take great care of their fitness and diet line, sports, etc.

Their “superpower”: creativity.

Apple tree

They are usually slender, charismatic, likeable and attractive. Their appearance is pleasant, they like to flirt. They are adventurers, they know how to listen, they are always in love, they want to love and be loved. They are loyal, gentle and very generous. They are gifted in science, they live for today – they are indifferent philosophers who know how to explain even complicated things.

Their “superpower”: Love


They are extremely attractive, they look forward to life, they are impulsive and desirable. They ignore criticism, they are driven, intelligent and talented. They like to challenge fate, sometimes they are a bit selfish. We can trust them, they are good lovers, but sometimes their mind prevails over their heart. Relationships are taken very seriously.

Their “superpower”: ambition

Willow stalk

Wonderful but very melancholic, attractive, very spirited. They love everything that is beautiful and delicious, they love travel, they are dreamy, tireless, complex and sincere. They can be influenced, but they are hard to live with. They are desirable, have good intuition, suffer from love, but sometimes find a partner they can lean on.

If you were born in the willow period, you are a bit of a mysterious person with very sophisticated emotions. You are very creative and intuitive. Deep down you understand the cycles, you easily accept change because you know everything is spinning in a circle and coming back again and again. This gives you the gift of patience. You shyly show your rich abilities, preferring to observe and learn. Family always comes first for you. You are completely committed and faithful in love.

Matches with: birch and ivy.

Their “superpower”: melancholy


If you are born under the sign of skorša, your most pronounced trait is individuality. Your mind is active and very innovative, you are a true idealist. You are impatient when you have to follow certain nonsensical rules, you hate restrictions. Your freedom-loving spirit will always push you to the forefront, and whether you like it or not, you will find yourself in the role of a leader. You procrastinate with taking on family responsibilities because you value personal freedom.

It is caught with: ivy, hawthorn and hazelnut.

Trees of Life - Milan Krajnc

Autumn tree

The tree from which the druids made their sticks unites the real and the spiritual world. It will give you its dual nature. Your dreaming spirit often takes you into a world of imagination. Nevertheless, you know how to stay practical and meet all the requirements of everyday life. You are very intelligent and curious, spontaneous and happy.

This makes you a convincing speaker who will enchant you with his knowledge and imagination. You are a great lover and a caring parent.

It is caught with: willow, reed, oak, hawthorn, ivy and thistle.


Alder describes you as your tree as a restless and rash person, always ready to explore something new. You are brave and energetic, sometimes even rash and reckless, determined to work on your own. You believe in yourself and you know when you can take risks. You are a hard worker. You are not wasteful, you despise superficiality. You are simple, in love you surrender completely and passionately.

It catches with: birch, elderberry, hawthorn and oak.

It catches with: hawthorn, bark and vine

The sharp thorns of the hawthorn serve as a shield. If you were born in the hawthorn period, your defensive behavior will create a different impression of yourself than you really are. You have an inexhaustible creative gift and a fiery passion. You are an eloquent and talented performer of great natural charm. You are looking for constant excitement because ordinary things quickly bore you. You know how to listen to others, and because of your amazing insight and healthy humor, you are a valuable partner.

It goes well with: ash, skorš, alder and hazelnut.


An evergreen thorn with a cluster of red berries adorned the king’s heads and repelled enemies – it was also worn by warriors. You too are of noble spirit, brilliant mind, and royal dignity. You accept challenges without any problems and rise above them skillfully and tactfully. You have a great sense of business and always find yourself among the leaders, even if you prefer to just help others. In love, you are a protector and support to your partner.

It catches with: autumn and elderberry.


The vine had a hard time thriving in the cold northern climate and required a lot of work and care for uncertain results. Even your nature is changeable, unpredictable. On the outside you are authoritative, of high standards, and on the inside you are often indecisive and self-critical. Your gift is to get to know both sides of every problem and to empathize. You have a sophisticated taste and you tend to luxury. Because of your charm and position, they forgive you for whimsy.

Matches: birch and hazelnut.


Ivy needs a solid structure to help it rise. It is a symbol of determination and strength. Your most valuable trait is the ability to rise above all obstacles. Wit, compassionate nature and loyalty will help you with this. Your roots are deep, which makes you stable, and spirituality encourages you in difficult times. Because of your cheerful spirit and friendly demeanor, you have many friends who are your support.

It catches with: oak and autumn.


The Druids believed that because of its dense and deep reed roots, it was a tree. From reeds, people made pens for writing – it became a symbol of wisdom and learning. If the reed is your tree, you can easily break into the essence of things. People perceive you as a guardian of secrets. You have a strong personal magnetism that stems from your strong character, resilience, and fearlessness. You are a good leader, you are caring and passionate in love, but you are easily jealous.

It catches with: oak and autumn.

Elder tree

Elderberry was the sacred tree of the fairy world. If your tree is an elderberry, you are a freedom-loving spirit who dislikes routine. You are restless and energetic, always looking for challenges. They often consider you a weirdo who acts reserved, but in reality you are very open. You care about others and are willing to help. You will always tell the truth, even if you hurt someone with it.

It catches with: alder and thistle.

So these are the properties of trees defined by the Celts, which I now check when I walk around the guests and talk to foresters and biologists about how to describe which tree. What are its properties. I myself tend to compare which properties would be suitable for a particular job in a company and then compare this with the position of the tree in nature and its function. And so the properties of the trees are confirmed to me.

So, I could not say here that it is ancient knowledge, it is only knowledge that we have forgotten and we should (which I am doing now) revive, because this would make the work easier for ourselves and the company, and at the same time we would revive their primal instinct and thus improve their sense of people.

So if we want to put together a certain team of people with a certain purpose, it is enough to look at how a forest that is in nature with a certain purpose is composed; and then, according to the same properties of the trees, we assemble a group of collaborators.

A dynamic model of leadership with such examples only proves its definition of how the transfer of knowledge and experience from nature to the company can only facilitate work and give us more energy for life. Still, the first condition is to give a personal goal before a business one.
Dynamic Leadership Model - E-book - Milan Krajnc
Avtor - Milan Krajnc
Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at
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