Women… or how to win a man? Milan Krajnc
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Every day more and more as I get to know women, I know that we don’t come from the same planet, but we both really came from outer space, each from our own planet, and now we’ve met here by chance. And what is left for us but to somehow coexist now… although, every day is a very special art.

There are at least three people in every woman, the devil, the angel and the one who doesn’t know what to do with herself…. many times there is a bus carrying circus mascots.

And a man, as a fearless warrior trained to survive in the most difficult conditions, has to deal with all these masquerades completely on his own… for the most part he succeeds, but when he is beaten up, he uses alcohol or similar antibiotics. The biggest mistake they make, however, is when they go to another circus. Where there is an even better performance.

Well I don’t write so cynically because of any recent experiences, but after analyzing my past lives and following the lives of women from a distance.

I just can’t imagine going to a circus again unless I train to be a lion tamer or I just dress up as a clown.

When you talk to a woman about a woman… they say they are afraid of themselves… I have a feeling that women were the same all the time, only men are no longer such good lion tamers, but we just moved away to the stands and now we observe this mess where animals climbing one after another, performances line up without a concept and we just sit and watch.

Women… or how to win a man? Milan Krajnc

We no longer know where to take. Preferably, we would shut everything down and go to Mom’s home.

Mom, mom, mom…. but mom is a woman too, she too is from some circus… and why we rush to them… because no one else has taught us to be a lion tamer.

I don’t know who will be the one to tear men away from their mothers, maybe we should take away women’s right to vote and reduce their salaries again, and limit their exits… but this will not be possible because men who should therefore vote will not give in to their mom.

We have come to a situation where women have complete control over men… in fact, they have now become tamers of lions … only lions are out of nowhere.

Women… or how to win a man? Milan Krajnc

Dear men, I hope that the day will come when we too will rise from the dead and become men, because only in this way will we be able to reawaken women in women, not that men have now grown in them themselves and are self-sufficient. And we are their children.

And we still don’t see it, despite the fact that more and more of us are being beaten on the head… but, somewhere in the world, there are still men, although I don’t know exactly on which continents, because since whites went to Africa, blacks are no more what they were…. in Asia, however, more and more women are in power, Australia, one way or another, falls under the Queen of England… so we are left with only lonely islands and Alaska, or we will have to go deep into space for men to return to earth….

Oh, what makes me sick when I think like that, how low we have fallen… how men could even allow us to get down to that level… to think. Yeah, we obviously started using the wrong head. The crisis started when we started thinking.

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We will now invest billions to revive men on earth or let human civilization fail… basically, but there is no great philosophy here. Men need to start thinking less, may talk and work more. After all, today women support men…. simply, we need to get on our feet. However, every simple thing requires a lot of training. Therefore, it will be necessary to introduce training centers for men, as military service was once mandatory.

However, we men will have to do it ourselves, as it is quite favorable for women now, even though they are very dissatisfied deep down, so we men must do it as soon as possible, if this voice in women does not become too quiet and we look for it over the centuries, with radio telescopes. Where is the sound of a big bang possible today, but is it a scream that we men need to hear to wake up again?

Good morning!

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Author of the article: Milan Krajnc, pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager
I teach you to look “at yourself” as a third person. For more information or an introductory meeting, write to me at official@milankrajnc.com

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