Are you happy?
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Are you happy?

Am I happy?

I’ve been looking for an answer to this question for a long time! But I couldn’t find him.

One day, when I was driving from Slovenia to Monaco, where I went years ago because I was convinced that the happiest people lived there.

I was surrounded by famous and successful people the moment I realized this. I smiled to myself as they asked me, “What is happiness?”

I’m happy. What about you? Are you happy? 

Are you happy
And after I published a detailed plan for everyone on how to be happy on my blog, I started receiving invitations to India’s conferences!

They were curious as to what it meant to be happy. In a way, I was amazed by that, because the whole world travels to India to find happiness.

But I quickly realized that we always think our neighbors are superior, when in fact, they are on the same page as us.

This is how the book Successful We, Happy We came to be, which has been translated into many languages, but most people still don’t understand it.

They expect a recipe in 3 steps, but it never goes all that fast.

Self-centeredness is essential for happiness, because who knows what is best for us better than ourselves?

Being happy is a conscious choice. That is why we must prepare thoroughly for such a decision.

When you are content, your path in life or business is only a step away. Don’t be put off by the obstacles on the way there. Have faith in yourself.

Consider your life and business in a new light.

Change the patterns that are holding you back and give yourself permission to dream. Really dream!

Then you will slowly become happy.

If you need help finding this path, we can help you find it through the DMV process and our many years of experience in the field of psychotherapy and crisis management.

This will make climbing the steep and sometimes endlessly winding, broken, and difficult stairs to happiness easier.

Thank you for your confidence! Be joyful!


Be happy.

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Avtor - Milan Krajnc

Author of the article: pedagogue, entrepreneur & crisis manager and Tina Orter.

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